We believe that true beauty comes from within, but if beauty, fashion, and style can make a woman more confident, why not help her?

Eleanor Crook discusses everything relevant in today’s beauty sphere. Whether you prefer bringing back vintage and old-school makeup or the latest looks on the runway, we’re here to give you news, updates, and tips and tricks on how to look your best.

We post regularly about ways to make you look and feel good about yourself. If you’re looking for beauty advice, want to read a hot take on trends and new products in the market, or if you’re just bored and looking for an interesting read on the beauty industry, remember to check EleanorCrook.com often for updates.

Angela Brighton

Angela was born and raised in California and grew up loving an active lifestyle. She enjoys her job as a fitness instructor and helps men and women achieve their desired body the healthy way. On the weekends, when she’s not writing or editing for Eleanor Crook, she’s out biking with fellow enthusiasts in her area. She writes health and wellness articles and hopes to prove that a vegan, gluten-free lifestyle can still be fun.  

Regine Louis

Regine interned for a few beauty brands in Los Angeles and freelanced as a makeup artist before she became a beauty guru. Though she loves watching beauty vloggers share their wisdom, she’s very shy on-camera and hopes to provide the same tips and tricks in her articles. She’s open to all brands to prove their products’ quality, but she prefers organic and cruelty-free makeup brands. 


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