What Beauty Customers are Buying During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Widespread quarantines made consumers rethink their beauty routines. The kinds of makeup we indulge in changed as well as how we tackle skincare and hair care. One might think that consumers would lie low in their beauty spending. But quite the opposite happened.

Consumers did not let the pandemic stop them from achieving their beauty goals, even if sheltering in place and face masks are getting in their way.

Rising Demand for Hair Care

Some salons were closed down while those that remain in business are limiting the number of workers and customers they accommodate. But that is not an issue as more consumers went on taking hair care seriously mid-pandemic. While there are still those setting up appointments mid-pandemic, others are investing in hair salon experience at home.

Sales of hair care products and beauty tools increased during the crisis. They want to bring their hair back to life or take risks by changing their hairstyle or hair color. Since many are afraid to catch the virus, they would rather do this at home by themselves.

For those who are always on the go, they bought their own mini travel hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curlers as well as travel-friendly hair care products. Since their masks cover their face, they turned to hair care to show off their gorgeous mane instead.

Prioritizing Skin Care Over Makeup

Before the pandemic, beauty consumers are already indulging in skincare. Heavy makeup users or not, they know how important skincare is. But then, face masks happened.

Due to prolonged uses of face masks, many are now battling ‘maskne‘, which is essentially acne we get from wearing masks. Skin irritation in and around areas where masks cover our faces became a serious skin condition during the crisis. This made us take skincare more seriously than make-up.

Since summer is fast approaching, many fear their maskne will worsen. The rising temperatures and humidity can lead to further irritation and complication. To fight maskne, consumers now use skincare products that are gentler on the skin and helps treat acne.

Organic and All-natural Beauty Products

More consumers are embracing organic products for hair and skin. We are becoming increasingly aware of what we put in our hair and faces. Aside from fearing chemicals, many consumers also want eco-friendly and sustainable solutions as part of their skincare and hair care.

Take hair care products for instance. The market for organic and natural shampoos, hair conditioner, treatments, and volumizers are on the rise. For those who are staying most days at home, they are trying out heatless curl tutorials.

Consumers are also choosing brands that use natural and organic ingredients for their skincare products. Many are after non-toxic, eco-friendly, paraben-free, and sulfate-free products. They would also rather buy from local brands that take eco-friendly packaging seriously.

woman applying facial care product after showering

At Home Nail Care

Even nail care products are selling fast during the pandemic. Nail salons across the country are either closed or are only accepting customers via appointment. This made nail care fanatics take matters into their own hands.

More people are learning how to do their nails themselves. They now have nail polish, nail accessories, and other nail care products stored in a cute box at home. After learning how to DIY their nails, they went to social media to show off their creations.

There are also people who now like the idea of not needing to get their nails done with quarantining. They realized that it is easier to practice hand hygiene by keeping their nails short. So, they opted for bare, shorter nails or a simple homemade manicure instead.

Anti-aging Routines

Another skincare trend that is dominating the pandemic is the rising demand for anti-aging products. From serums and creams to soaps, supplements, and essential oils, the anti-aging era is here to stay. This is after more people have more time to take care of their skin and now fear premature aging.

Aside from skincare products that promise to slow down signs of aging, many are now taking self-care more seriously. This is since experts say that healthy habits can also combat premature aging. Now, more people are investing in:

  • Anti-aging foods and healthier diets
  • Regular exercise
  • Reduced alcohol intake and smoking
  • Adequate rest and sleep
  • Facial exercises
  • Sun protection

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, we had the change our beauty routines. We changed our priorities and what products we use. Some turned to organic and all-natural items while others focused on treating their maskne. Many are now taking their anti-aging routines seriously. Others are happy with at-home nail care. If there is one thing for sure, that is the fact that many are turning to beauty trends to cope during the world health crisis.

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