Brighten Your Wardrobe with These 4 Growing Accessories Trends in 2021

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Another year, another chance to get in touch with your fashionable persona. Fortunately, no pandemic can stop the industry from releasing some of the growing trends in accessories for 2021.

From belts to shoes and jewelry pieces, these can complete your look (even when you’re likely to still do more things virtually), uplift your mood, and, who knows, help you look forward to better things this year.

1. Sustainable Pieces

Contrary to what some think, people’s preference for sustainability isn’t a passing phase. In a Southern Cross University survey among Australians and Americans, an overwhelming 93% said they are concerned about the environment and the impact humans have on it.

Moreover, most would like to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Meanwhile, Nielsen forecast that the market for sustainable goods would reach over $150 billion by 2021.

But what are these sustainable, fashionable pieces?

  • Definitely, they are not fast fashion. Think of more long-lasting pieces such as jewelry, shoes, and bags made from recycled materials, hemp, or cotton.
  • These can refer to accessories like a cute cat necklace! They remind you of the gentle creatures often affected by environmental harm and are a way better choice than pieces made from animals.
  • Look for vegan accessories. These days, you can already buy a pair of shoes made from vegan leather. Stella McCartney just released a fur-free fur, which is actually a mixture of recycled polyester and plant material, according to Vogue.

2. Pearl Necklace—for the Boys

What do A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, and the Jonas Brothers have in common? Besides being household names in music, they were also caught wearing a rather interesting piece of jewelry: pearl necklaces.

No, this isn’t some fashion faux pas or a concept that came out of the blue. In fact, pearls were a favorite accessory of some of the male members of the male royalty. According to the New York Times, the emperor of India in the early 16th century, Babur, and his male descendants sported it.

Portraits of King Henry VIII also included strings of pearls, although they could easily “get lost” in somebody’s eyesight because of his several layers of jewelry. Another portrait, this time by the first Duke of Buckingham, showcased none other than pearls.

If you have money to burn, you can buy the pearl accessories from a collaboration between Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto, the same brand that makes the Miss Universe crowns.

The collection includes fewer than ten designs with hefty price tags. One of the most expensive ones is worth $38,000. However, you are guaranteed you’ll have a coveted limited-edition design. Plus, the White South Sea pearls make excellent heirloom pieces.

Otherwise, buy a simple single-string pearl necklace that slightly drapes at the front (it shouldn’t feel like a choker). However, you can do the world a favor by getting one from a sustainable brand.

3. Bags and Their Details

While many women are still likely to pick classic high-end bag designs from Chanel or Louis Vuitton, more will consider those that feature more intricate and even flamboyant details.

These include bags with fringes, handles made of bamboo, and structured ones, whether they look like a lunchbox or a big triangle. Woven bags are also in, probably due to people’s preference for sustainability, as well as eco-friendly totes. These are pieces usually made from cotton or any recycled fabric.

Some may keep or invest in big bags that can already pass for an overnight carry-on. However, more will go for the micros—the ones that can fit only a mobile phone and probably a billfold and those they can wear comfortably and safely around their necks.

woven bags

4. Slippers and Chunkies

Would you believe that pairs of slippers are finding their way into fashion runways? Think of Manolo Blahnik and their slippers with shearling slides or Casa Clara’s teal pair. Blame it on the pandemic.

The good news is men and women can now buy some worth sharing on Instagram and wearing on occasional outdoor activities like a grocery run at Costco or safe dinner dates with friends.

Besides slippers, fashion pundits believe that chunky boots will be in demand in 2021. These pieces look more intimidating than the UGGs, but they feel more durable, structured, and reliable.

Nobody knows which of these fashion accessories trends will survive in 2021. But one thing is for sure. The industry will evolve and adapt. As for you, investing in one of these helps support the brands working hard to keep it alive. Most of all, these pieces are awesome rewards for surviving the hellish 2020.

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