Clean Up Your Beauty Routine During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has implemented stay-at-home measures to keep everyone safe and to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. While staying at home for weeks is not ideal for everyone, there are numerous ways to make the best of it.

One way to take advantage of self-isolation is to mind your current self-care routine. Use your spare time to improve your current self-care cycle.

Pamper Your Skin

Since you spend most of your time indoors, now is the perfect time to rest your makeup routine and focus on your skin goals.

Give your skin a break from pore-clogging and chemical-rich makeup and wash your face regularly with moisturizing whitening soap. Not only will this give your skin the time to rest, but it also reduces the products you use every day, as well as the number of hazardous chemicals you’re exposed to.

Also, consider resetting your skin with skincare steps you previously overlooked, such as essences, face serums, and masks. Sun protection is still essential even if you do not go outside. Sunscreen protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays as you work from any place situated near a window or when you go outside for a walk.

Go Longer Between Wash Days

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This self-isolation period is the perfect time to alter your hair-washing routine and try washing your hair less frequently. Washing your hair often strips it from its natural oils, which make your scalp prone to overproduction of oil.

When you wash your hair less, you also reduce the number of products you use per day — saving you more money and reducing the burden on your shoulder. Consider switching to new shampoos and conditioners with fewer ingredients that may affect your health or nature.

Also, if you’re aiming for a lower-maintenance routine, skip chemically straightening or dyeing your hair for a few weeks. Let your roots show so your hair can breathe.

Replace Your Care Products with Cleaner Alternatives

De-clutter your beauty shelf by throwing away expired products. Although not required by the Food and Drug Administration, several personal care product manufacturers put the expiration dates of their products on the labels. These dates are good indications of whether you should still use it or throw it in the trash.

Some products, however, have no expiration dates. In such cases, you’ll have to decide whether you should throw the product away based on when you bought it. Dispose of products within a few months to a year after your purchase. For example, the American Academy of Ophthalmology replacing eye makeup every three months to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria.

If you have plenty of unused or slightly used care products that have not expired, donate them to a local shelter or to organizations that share unwanted products to the less fortunate.

Staying at home is more fruitful when you do new and better things for self-improvement. Make the most of your home quarantine situation by taking care of yourself with a better self-care routine.

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