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Every daycare service provider will have suggestions and policies of how your child should be in the daycare. Among these are supplies requirements, whether per month, per week, or per day. Besides making it easier for the daycare attendants to take care of your child, having all the essential items will help you and your baby have a good day. That said, here is a list of all items that you will require to pack.


This falls in the category of weekly supply, this way, you will not have to pack them every morning, and at the same time, you can monitor how many the baby uses in a day. In the weekly bag, put at least ten diapers per day, and in the daily bag, put at least three. If you prefer cloth diapers, always include a sealable bag for the dirty ones and extra plastic pants in case of any messes. At the end of every week, get an account of how many the child requires for future planning.


The weekly bag should contain a full wipes container. Include a small pack in the daily diaper bag while checking the weekly stock for the need to replenish. The extra pack in the everyday bag can be used when you are with the baby or when you forget to bring a refill. Always keep a notebook and a pen on the daily diaper bag and note any item that requires replenishment. Always refer to this list before packing for the next day.

Diaper Rash Cream

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of diaper creams and ointments. Most daycare facilities provide creams, but some parents do not want any medicine or cream applied to their children. Therefore, this item is purely at your discretion.  If you prefer to buy your cream, send it back and forth daily.

Extra Clothes

Send at least three extra complete outfits in a clean, resealable plastic bag. This should be put in your monthly diaper bag that stays at the daycare center. The resalable plastic bags come in handy when the daycare attendants are packing the soiled clothes back to you at home. Your child is bound to ruin or lose some items and clothing in the daycare. Accidents from foods and colors may cause permanent stains. As such, do not send their best clothes or any cloth item that cannot be easily replaced.

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Blankets and Sheets

You will only need a pair or two in the monthly diaper bag that stays at the daycare center. This is because most centers have outsourced laundry services, and the backup pieces are just to be on the safe side. These extra sheets and blankets also come in handy for fussy babies. Always ensure they have your scent, as this can help your child calm down and sleep more easily.


This should come in two sets, large ones for mealtimes and small ones for drooling, or in case your baby is teething. For infants, pack extra burp cloths and soft clothes such as bathing towels. Put the different sizes in different well-labeled plastic bags. Pack at least five of each bib in the daily bag, and have a few extra pieces in the monthly diaper bag.  It is advisable that you purchase an additional supply just for daycare.


Some daycare centers have policies against the use of medicine in their stations or handing over sick children to the daycare. If they allow, and your child is unwell, put together a bag or a first aid kit for the child. This kit should include a thermometer, fever reducer, topical ointment, gas drops, and a pain reliever. Clearly indicate the name of your child on each item as well as the outer bag. Medicine should be put in the daily diaper bag and stop when the child gets well.

Keeping your daycare bag organized will create sanity in your life and for the daycare attendant. Note that a happy daycare attendant equals a happy baby. When you find your child is well taken care of and comfortable, you will be satisfied, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

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