Decorating with Accent Furniture: 5 Key Statement Pieces

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Everyone knows that home is where the heart is. That’s why it’s important to have a well-decorated home. Dull interiors can bring down your mood and leave you feeling uninspired, but a beautiful space can put you at ease and get rid of your anxiety. You don’t need to shell out tons of money, but you can instantly transform a drab room with just a few key accent pieces. Here are a few statement pieces that you should invest in to add a little life to your home.


An area rug can redefine the look of your room. As it takes up a lot of space, you can use it as a focal point piece to build the rest of your decor around. Traditional style rooms usually let furniture legs rest on a centralized area on the rug. More contemporary decor techniques choose to free the rug from any furniture instead. This allows it to stand out on its own. Rugs with a vibrant solid color or a bold pattern go well with an otherwise neutral palette for the rest of the room. You can find interesting pieces from furniture stores and vintage stores. There are also tons of quality handmade modern rugs for sale online.


Pillows are an affordable way to add pops of color to a boring room. There are tons of patterns, prints, and colors to choose from to instantly brighten up your living room or bedroom. Instead of purchasing pillows and pillowcases, you can even get crafty and make your own. If you’re interested in a more modern look, go for striking geometric prints or vivid solid colors. For a more traditional and conservative look, opt for florals and paisleys. To create harmony and a sense of balance, your pillows should have at least one color in common.


plants at home

Plants can spruce up and breathe life into your space. Small potted air plants like cacti and succulents make for cute small accents in modern homes and small contemporary apartments. Large potted plants with intricate planters are great focal pieces in more traditional homes with lots of space. Not only are they good for decorating, but they’re also good for your health.


Express your creative side and dress up a bare wall by hanging artwork. This is one piece where you can let your personality and identity truly shine. Make use of a large wall with a bold statement artwork or installation piece. For smaller spaces, you can choose to display multiple smaller artworks lined up.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting can come in the form of lamps, chandeliers, or small wall lights. They’re both fashionable and functional. Smaller wall lights can be used as an accent light to emphasize an art piece or a particular space. Chandeliers can be hung above dining tables and staircases for a dramatic flair, while lamps can be placed on top of bare tables and desks. They can add to the ambiance and mood of a room without overpowering any other pieces of decor.

Decorating your living space doesn’t need to be expensive and time-consuming. A few accent pieces here and there can give your space a quick makeover.

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