Engagement Rings: A Spotlight on Baguette Bands

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There are many ways to go against the flow when it comes to picking an engagement ring, whether you are opting for man-made diamonds, cluster rings, gemstones or alternative cuts such as half-moon, hexagonal or trapezoid. Although there are various ways to put a twist on the classic three-stone or solitaire engagement ring, you might want to consider a baguette band if you are into more sleek and subtle silhouettes.

What Are Baguette Diamonds?

Baguette diamonds originated circa 1920s Art Deco period. While they have a naturally vintage and classic look, an unconventional setting could make them look ultra modern. They are usually used as tiny dividers between other ring elements. They can be arranged in a line, one vertically and one horizontally or stacked in different ways for a more unique design. With a slim shape and lightweight, baguettes are typically used as accent pieces.

However, they can also be utilized as center stones for crafting a strikingly sleek and geometric look that’s perfect for rebel brides who don’t like popular styles such as round, cushion or pear diamond solitaires on standard, minimal gold or thin pave bands.

Why Consider a Baguette Engagement Ring?

Jewellery diamond ring on a black background If your partner is the type of girl who is always on the go and wants to wear her engagement ring everywhere regardless of her outfit of the day, a baguette band might just be perfect for her. You could opt for a bigger carat band instead of a conventional engagement ring style especially if you love stacking different rings together. Aside from the typical rectangular-shaped baguettes, more and more women these days are opting for tapered ones for a more interesting look.

The Wow Factor

Although baguette bands do not exactly have center stones, they are not that unassuming. They are still substantial and will not make your partner look like she has 14 carats on her finger. The thing with baguettes is that they have trapezoidal facets and step-cut patterns, so they reflect light in a different way than round, pear and oval diamonds, which offers the most sparkle or brilliance.

Step-cut patterns lend that hall of mirrors look that will draw the eye in instead of reflecting out the light. If sparkle is crucial to you, however, take note that baguettes tend to look murkier faster than other cuts of diamonds. It offers a more low-key elegance if you will. Yes, brilliant cuts diamonds will give you mega-watt sparkle, but baguettes will provide you with that sleek and classy look. Depending on the specific setting, baguette bands are excellent options for women with a classic but edgy style or understated minimal style.

Baguette bands are a viable option for not-so-traditional brides since while they might feel traditional, they are linear and look super modern. They offer just the right amount of bling without being too noisy and are ideal for women who do not want to wear a huge sparkler every day, are always busy with their hands, or want their engagement ring to look great with every outfit.

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