Farmhouse Chic: The Tricks to Getting the Cottagecore Vibe for Your Modern Living Room

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You probably heard the term “cottagecore” increasingly in the past couple of months. On social media, young people are pinning and posting photos that celebrate the simple, traditional, self-sufficient, and nostalgic charm of rural life.

You will see it all over Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It has become one of the most popular styles in 2020.

If you are questioning how to incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic into your current living room, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips that could help you realize your dream of living in a quiet cottage in the countryside.

It is All About Vintage Furniture

Cottagecore is a throwback to a life of no extravagance. It provides an escape from a world populated by expensive designer brands.

That said, transforming the style of your living room into something that fits the cottagecore aesthetic will neither be difficult nor expensive. You only have to pick furniture that looks like it belongs to a farmhouse.

Your sofa is one of the focal points, if not the focal point, in the living room. So, buy a sofa that has a vintage feel to it. No, it does not have to be floral or wood, but it should be something that you can see in a Victorian-era living room.

True vintage items can be pretty expensive, but you can usually find new furniture that has an old-world style. If you want to be true to the aesthetic, scour your grandparents’ apartment for design elements.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Living in the countryside puts you closer to nature. Instead of a busy street with angry, honking cars, you wake up to a field of wheat and the sound of birds chirping right outside your window.

Having natural elements inside your living room immediately injects a rural vibe. Wooden furniture, wooden floors, floral-print wallpapers, and floral-print pillowcases bring nature inside.

The tones should come from nature, too! Muted greens, like the colour of grass, and pinks, like the flowers that bloom, fit the farmhouse vibe that you are going for.

As a finishing touch, do not forget to cut fresh flowers from your garden and place it in a vase you can put at the centre of the room.

Soft Glow of Daylight


In the cottage, there are no lamps nor chandelier. During the day, you rely on the sun to keep the space bright.

Open your windows to let the sunshine in. Change the curtains into a lighter fabric like linen or cotton that would dance whenever the wind blows and will not completely obscure the view outside.

Start a New Hobby

Cottagecore is living slowly amid the fast-paced chatter of the modern world. If you really want to have that kind of life, you should take up hobbies that allow your mind and body to relax.

Knitting or crocheting provide you with tasks that are so repetitive and monotonous that it becomes meditative. Cross-stitch is another activity that fits the cottagecore aesthetic.

You can even use these projects as design elements to your cottage-inspired living room once you are done.

Cottagecore is an easy style to incorporate into your existing home. It is not expensive to recreate, either. Since the trend is all about weathered, worn, and old pieces, you can simply use what you already have or scour second-hand stores for pieces that you can use.

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