Getting Over a Cheating Ex Through a Makeover

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Infidelity is one of the worst issues in committed relationships and marriages. When we’re cheated on, we tend to blame ourselves, even if it’s entirely our ex’s fault. We’ll blame their act on our fading attractiveness when that’s not the case at all.

But before diving into the self-care and makeover tips, tell yourself first that you’re doing this to love yourself again, not because you’ve gone unattractive. Your beauty is something that can never be taken away from you, not by cheating exes and sneaky third-parties.

That said, put a smile on your face, and let’s get started:

1. Be Vulnerable

Don’t bottle your emotions in. Express them healthily, and you’ll find yourself doing things that you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have the courage for. Maybe you’ve always wanted to quit your job to pursue your passion. Or wished all your life to adopt a puppy, but your ex didn’t want you to. Now that there’s no one holding you back from making life-changing decisions, you can now make choices for yourself freely.

This boldness makes women fresh out of a breakup, the sexiest. Such may not be scientifically-proven, but the energy you radiate — joy on one moment, then grief on the next — makes you intriguing and more attractive. As a result, you’ll tend to attract attention.

Just remember to surround yourself with supportive people so that you won’t end up making wrong decisions while grieving your breakup.

2. Get a Haircut

If you never understood why women who went through a breakup always chop off their hair, you probably realize the reason by now. A haircut is a way to express that you’re about to change your life, and Coco Chanel can attest to that.

Even science has backed up this statement. According to clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez, our hair is something we can easily control. Changing it may signify a metamorphosis. It is an instant statement that can make us feel like a brand-new person.

A new haircut, especially a bold one, also shows your vulnerability, as it’s typically the giveaway of your situation. Not to mention, it attracts positive attention. So book an appointment with your trusted hairdresser now, or cut your tresses yourself if you’ve always wanted to try hair-styling. But don’t use kitchen or art scissors for the task — invest in professional hairstylist tools, and you’ll achieve a lustrous new look.

3. Do Something For Yourself

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Cry it out for a bit, but after picking yourself up, realize your worth and do something for yourself. Look at step one again: be vulnerable. Use your vulnerability to embolden yourself. If you’re feeling unattractive because of your body image issues, exercise and shift to a healthier diet. Breakups can motivate you to get back in shape, as the physical transformation you’ll undergo draws positive comments from your peers. Plus, having a revenge body is an excellent way to regain a sense of control.

No matter what you do for yourself, do it for the right reasons, not simply to please others or seek validation. Don’t place your self-worth on your physical appearance alone. Appearance-based rejection sensitivity and a sense of sense-worth that’s reliant on a partner put you at risk of suffering adverse effects after a makeover. Hence, focus on loving yourself and believing that you are beautiful, and being dumped cannot change that.

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