Here’s When You Should Consider Taking Off Your Engagement Ring

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You might be tempted to wear your engagement ring everywhere and anywhere after getting proposed to. Besides, this is an exciting moment in your life, and you definitely would want to let everyone know that your loved one just proposed to you.

However, if you want your yellow gold wedding ring or engagement ring to look new and beautiful for a long time, then consider taking it off during these moments that we will be discussing below.

When going to the beach

You would not want bits of sand to get into your engagement ring, which is why it would be best to just leave your ring at home before going to the beach. You can also wear it on your way to the beach, but make sure to bring a safe dish or a container that you can put your engagement ring in.

You also would not want to put some sunscreen on your ring, as this would make the beautiful stone look cloudy, which can eventually cause it to lose its brilliance.

When you are going to the gym

You most likely would be lifting weights and using the gym equipment when working out, so you would want to remove your engagement ring beforehand. Your engagement band can get scratched when getting in contact with the metal bars and equipment, and you would never want your engagement ring to get even the smallest scratch.

Also, your hand might get injured with the ring on, especially if you are doing contact sports such as taekwondo, judo, or even basketball and volleyball.

When going swimming in a pool

The chlorine in the pool can take a toll on your engagement ring. This type of chemical can, unfortunately, discolor your metal, especially if you often soak in the pool with it. Make sure to take your ring off before heading to the pool or even a jacuzzi.

You also run the chance of losing your engagement ring in a pool or a hot tub. You can attempt to look for it once you’ve dropped it, but it definitely would not be easy to do so.

When gardening or cleaning anything

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You surely would not want to get some dirty sand and your precious diamond, would you? This is the reason why you should take your engagement ring off before dealing with your plants & garden.

Other activities that you should consider taking your engagement ring off beforehand are washing your car,  washing the dishes, bleaching and cleaning the shower, cleaning your oven, or even giving your pets a bath.

You would never want to lose your precious engagement ring, which is why you should consider placing a couple of dishes around the house so you can take it off whenever you need to. You should also have your engagement ring professionally cleaned at least twice a year so it would not lose its shine and brilliance. Make sure to take it to a professional jeweller to avoid damaging it in the process.

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