How to Choose The Right Venue for Your Wedding

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“Everything has to be perfect,” says every couple planning a wedding.

One of the most significant factors of event-planning is choosing the right wedding reception venue in Salt Lake City. According to Wedding Wire, 50% of the total wedding budget goes to the venue, catering, cake, and rentals. Booking the perfect place for a dream wedding will not only give them a romantic fantasy but also provide the most value to the couple’s money.

The following are steps on how to decide on a reception venue:

Consider the budget

The budget may be the most influential part of the venue planning. These are a couple of questions that could enter a couple’s mind when deciding for the venue: How much money is the couple willing to spend on the place? If there are other aspects of the wedding that may be compromised, what are they?

The price of the space also depends on its location. Function halls in the city and popular resorts can be pricey while choosing a location outside the city may save the couple a few bucks.

Work with what you want

In the beginning, most couples have an idea of what they want for their wedding. Couples decide whether they want a garden, mountain, beach, or hotel wedding reception. Will the couple want a vacation? Do they want to commemorate their love in the place they met?

It’s essential to remember that the venue sets the mood for the event. An outdoor setting may be a little more casual than an indoor one. Because indoor places are enclosed, the guests can have privacy, and the event will continue regardless of the weather.

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Check the guest list

The size of the space determines the number of guests the couples are planning to invite. The couple should have at least a draft of the guest list before booking the venue. The purpose of this is to avoid changes caused by realizing that the small wedding they initially planned turned out to be a 300-person party.

Couples may find it helpful to book a venue with extra space for unexpected additions to the list. It would also be better to consider if there are guests that require special care during the wedding to make the venue more accessible to them.

Know the facilities that the program needs.

Not all weddings are the same. Some couples have very creative ideas that can change up the whole program and require additional technical facilities. Do they need a projector? How many microphones do they need? Will they hire a band to have a concert? Will there be a series of dance numbers? Will the lighting change throughout the event?

Checking if the venue caters to the program’s gimmicks will save the couple and the event planner from headaches on the day of the wedding.

The takeaway: Think it through.

When selecting a venue, the couple and the organizers should reflect on what they want, their budget, the number of guests, and other tools they need to make the event successful. Once they’ve chosen the perfect venue, it’s a massive task off the list.

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