Looking Your Best for an Important Photoshoot

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We live in a time when it’s impossible to separate pictures from our special events. The phenomenon “pics or it didn’t happen” is very real—and if we are having important gatherings or celebrating milestones soon, then there must also be a photoshoot involved, whether it’s before or during the event.

Many of us also have to take photos for corporate activities, IDs, and other essential documents, so even the most photo-elusive among us can never escape it. If you are having a very important photoshoot soon, whether it’s for a special event or business, here are some tips for looking your best on that day.

Prepare weeks or months in advance

If you know that you are participating in a photoshoot soon, it’s never too early to start preparing. Here are some tips for preparing yourself weeks or even months in advance before the shoot.

A few months before the shoot:

  • Visit your dentist and ask them to provide you with treatments that can give you the most radiant smile on the day. Ask if you can qualify for whitening, or if you can fix your bite via braces. If you have used braces before and only need to maintain the current position of your teeth, gold-plated retainer wires are an elegant way to keep your teeth perfectly aligned. Plus, it looks good in photos, too!
  • Consult with your dermatologist or esthetician to come up with a skincare regimen that will help address your problem areas. While post-editing can certainly clear up your skin, it would help your self-confidence and self-esteem if you showed up to the shoot with a natural radiance and glow on your face. Consider asking if there are non-invasive procedures and treatments you can try to help improve your skin, too. If you want to do some hair removal procedures, now is also the time to start.
  • Try not to crash diet! It’s an unhealthy way to lose weight because the rule of thumb is that if you lose it fast, you would also gain it back just as quickly. Rapid weight loss can also weaken your body’s immune system and deprive you of the necessary nutrients to survive daily. Instead of depriving yourself and opting for disordered eating, choose healthier options like fruits, vegetables, and meals low on sugar. You don’t need to be hungry to feel strong and lean.

A few weeks before the shoot:

  • Explore new hair colors, but don’t make drastic changes—just enough to find the best and most flattering shade for you. It’s important to do this a few weeks before the actual shoot so that you have plenty of time to fix it if anything goes wrong.
  • Get a facial to help clear up your skin. Don’t do this on the week of the photoshoot so that you give your skin plenty of time to heal before putting makeup and other products on it.

A day before the shoot:

  • Get a mani-pedi.
  • If you’re only getting rid of unwanted body hair through temporary means, a day before is also a good time to do so.

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Outfit tips

If you don’t have an assigned color to wear, find the undertone of your skin and choose colors that will help bring out your natural beauty. Here are some rules of thumb you need to know:

  • If your skin is warm-toned, choose earthy colors like brown, green, warm reds, and mustard yellow.
  • For cool-toned skin, colors like lavender, bright blues, pink, ice blue, emeralds, and dark purple might be your best bet.
  • For neutral tones, bright white, navy, and gray might be a good color palette.

Your skin undertone will also help determine the best type of makeup for you during the photoshoot, so make sure to consult with your makeup artist before making big decisions regarding your wardrobe.

Pointers for posing

The most important thing is to mind your posture. A straightened back will go a long way in making you appear taller and leaner. It might also feel weird, but practice in front of the mirror to find your best angles and smiles so that when you get to the shoot you would only need minimal direction from the photographer.

And last but not the least, walk into the room with your head held high, and a smile so big it blinds everybody. The camera manages to capture when you’re having fun and feel good about yourself, so let your inner confidence guide you during the shoot.

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