Leisure Activities You Can Still Enjoy Even during a Pandemic

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Because of the pandemic, many governments imposed country-wide lockdowns across the globe. Thankfully, that was more than a year ago. Today, lockdowns are ordered only on a granular level.

While there is still a threat that lockdowns can be implemented anytime, especially with new variants emerging in different places, the importance of social distancing and shut-ins can never be underestimated. Unfortunately, being cooped up has negative effects on your health, which the pandemic made more obvious.

It’s important to engage in leisure activities during this time of social distancing to maintain your health. It’s easy to be occupied with digital media, but it’s more important to think about your mental and physical health. Here are some activities you can do while social distancing is still recommended. These
activities are divided into outdoor and indoor activities, so you’ll have a variety of choices.

Outdoor Activities

The COVID-19 virus spreads from one person to another through respiratory droplets released into the air when you breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze. Poor ventilation in enclosed spaces increases your chance of getting the virus as small droplets remain in the air. Outdoors, however, droplets are dispersed as
fresh air moves constantly. Because of this, you are less likely to get infected with the virus.

If you’re not yet vaccinated, you can still enjoy leisure activities with your friends or loved ones. However, it is best to choose activities that can be done outdoors to allow ample space between you and people around you. Besides, being outside can benefit your mental and physical health. Here are some outdoor activities you can do alone or with others.

Jogging and Biking

Jogging and biking are two of the most common outdoor, leisure sports that you can safely do during a pandemic. However, you should observe certain practices that can help keep you and people around you safe against the risk of getting the virus.

Plan your routes, so you can avoid areas where there are often many people. If there are people around you, make sure you’re far enough from them. Don’t forget to bring water and a light snack, so you don’t have to go to a store or shop to refuel. If you really need to enter an establishment, be mindful about
what you touch. Make sure to sanitize your hands after your run or ride.

Low-risk Outdoor Activities

Aside from leisure sports, you can still participate in social activities outdoors. If the weather and location is good, you can enjoy low-risk activities with others.

You can go in drive-in movies, which has recently gained popularity once again. You can also visit farmers’ markets, which are always organized outdoors. Picnics are also a good option.

Moderate-Risk Outdoor Activities

However, there are outdoor activities that are moderately risky. If you do them, make sure to wear a mask. They include al fresco dining, camping, boating, and going to the beach. You can also gather with your friends outdoors, but keep your group small. You can do outdoor potlucks, campfires, and barbecues.

You can also do sports, but again, outdoors. Low-contact outdoor sports such as baseball, tennis, and softball are ideal.

Indoor Activities

You can return to many indoor activities if you’re fully vaccinated, even without wearing a mask or social distancing. This however, depends on state and federal-level restrictions, rules or law.

If you are in a place where there are new or high cases of the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a mask indoors. And with the new variants being more contagious, you need to exercise extra caution. Safe distancing, masks, and frequent hand sanitation are still your best shield.

Some of indoor activities that you can do with friends include doing some cooking, baking, and arts and crafts. You can also teach you friends these hobbies, so they can learn something new. They can teach you some of their hobbies, too.

Having a powerful gaming PC build can also encourage you to do some indoor activities with your friends. Video gaming is also a good activity you can enjoy. If you choose the right games, you can either play with your kids or with your friends.

Through PC games, you can also go on virtual travel. You can visit places you’ve never been before.

Enjoy But Think About Safety

As the pandemic continues, you still need to continue taking care of yourself. Getting busy with some leisure activities is a good way to maintain your mental and physical health. Try out some of the activities above if you still don’t have ideas what to do.

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