Pam and Jim: The Only PB & J We All Need

jim and pam
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Played by actors John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, respectively, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are considered as one of the best TV couples of all time. Their relationship has always been about building a safe space for each other, even in the silliest ways, and no one else needs to understand. Jim would wear gold plated braces just to make Pam laugh, or Pam would write notes for Jim to boost his morale.

When watching them together on-screen, everything seems natural. It’s almost as if they’re not acting. It’s just pure chemistry and love despite being only on-screen. Now that the series is celebrating its 15th anniversary, Office fans are absolutely considering watching the series for the nth time. While there are many moments of The Office that are worth capturing, this article focuses on the best parts of Pam and Jim’s relationship.

Pam and Jim’s pranks

The couple really hit it off with their playful yet harmless pranks. Both characters had a common target and that is their “best frenemy” and Jim’s co-paper salesman, Dwight Schrute. The majority of the series’ episode openings feature Jim pranking Dwight and as the series progressed, Pam joined in. Jim usually led the pranks, but it was more fun when Pam became his accomplice as she was on-board all the time. She even gives Jim ideas on how to pull them off. Because of their common interest in pranking and killing work time, the two became best friends. Their best pranks include when they both went along with the fact that Dwight thought it was a Friday when it was actually Thursday and when they hired their Asian friend, Steve, to pretend to be Jim.

Pam and Jim’s marriage

The Office: Oral history of Jim and Pam's wedding
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ever since Pam and Jim started exclusively dating, everyone was looking forward to what was going to happen next. Because of their healthy relationship, it’s expected that they would end up getting married. Later in the show, they started a family and had two kids. Seasons five, six, and nine are the peak of their relationship because it tested how much they love each other.

It was all romantically exciting until the last season when they encountered a rough patch. Writers of the show even considered having them go through a divorce, but they realized that would disappoint the fans and it’s not the best way to end the series. But overall, what held them together was their maturity to handle problems and their open communication.

Pam and Jim’s confessions

Of course, their relationship would not be sailing if neither of them confessed their feelings to each other. Since the first episode, Jim has had no one in his mind but Pam. It was difficult for both of them, especially for Pam because she was engaged to someone else then, and Jim respected that. But things changed when they shared a kiss in Casino Night. Eventually, Pam found the courage to reciprocate Jim’s feelings. It took a while or four seasons for them to make the right decisions but everyone knew it was all worth the wait.

There is something about The Office that draws fans to re-watch the show and discuss the funniest episodes in Dunder Mifflin. But the series would definitely not be complete without Pam and Jim’s relationship. The series creators and writers’ portrayal of their relationship was “perfect” because real-life couples experience what they have gone through. They are relatable, which gives more reason to praise the show.

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