Essential Pointers to Take Care of Your Jewelry

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The jewelry market is one of the biggest global industries, having a market size of about two hundred and thirty billion US dollars in 2020. It is expected to grow tremendously in the upcoming years. Thus, one thing is for sure. People love buying and wearing jewelry all over the world.

But owning a piece of jewelry is no easy task. You have to take care of it, whether it is a hundred-year-old family heirloom or a recent purchase. If you have jewelry pieces and don’t know how to keep them at their sparkling best, we have provided seven tips to help you out.

Keep Them in a Box

When you are not wearing your jewelry, especially silver, please keep them in a closed case or box. This keeps them away from sunlight and oxygen, which helps prevent tarnish of silver jewelry pieces. Similarly, gemstones, too, can get faded and damaged due to the sun.

When you store all your jewelry in a single box, make sure that you keep them separately in different compartments within the box to reduce the chances of damage.

Don’t Sleep Wearing Jewelry

You will naturally face discomfort sleeping with jewelry such as a heavy gold paper clip necklace or big hoop earrings. It can also damage the jewelry. For instance, you can break a chain or lose a stone while you are sleeping. Similarly, you, too, can get hurt due to a prong getting bend or earrings getting stuck in your hair.

Thus, take off the jewelry while sleeping to protect you and your jewelry. You can wear them again in the morning after waking up.

Give Them a Quick Clean

You don’t always have to get your jewelry cleaned professionally or with chemicals to keep them shining. You can also give them a quick clean regularly to prevent them from fading. For this, you can use water and a soft cloth to gently remove dirt, oils, and makeup that may have got stuck to your jewelry. Let them dry and then keep them in a jewelry box, as mentioned previously, when not used.

Last to Wear but First to Remove

Confused? Don’t be. This means whenever you are getting ready, always put your jewelry last. Start with the makeup, hair, dress, perfume, hair sprays, and finally, jewelry to complete your look. Why? Because hair sprays, perfumes, and makeup products contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

Conversely, your jewelry should be the first thing that you should take off. Removing your clothes while still wearing jewelry can damage them. For instance, you may break an earring or yank a delicate chain-link while removing clothes. Thus, the jewelry should be taken off first. Everything else can follow later.

Keep Rotating

Please don’t wear the same jewelry every day as it increases the exposure to the sun, oxygen, and skin contact that can potentially damage your jewelry rather quickly. Instead, keep rotating your jewelry by having two pairs of each item. Alternate between them to keep their luster for a longer period.

Similarly, you can also refrain from wearing jewelry altogether on certain days to increase their lifespan further.

Keep It Simple

While you would want your jewelry to be as fashionable and as unique as possible, it is better to purchase jewelry having a simple design. Why? Firstly, cleaning jewelry with complicated designs is a tough task. Dust, dirt, oils, and makeup can easily get deposited in various folds of the jewelry. It will be difficult for you to clean them properly at home. Even if you get them cleaned professionally, you might end up paying more for jewelry cleaning services.

Secondly, simple jewelry is easy to store. There is less chance of them getting damaged when storing them. You would also be spared of repair charges that you might incur with heavily-designed jewelry.

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Keep a Track

This is simplest yet one of the most neglected things in taking care of the jewelry. People forget about their jewelry only to notice one fine day that it has undergone damage like color fade or being bent and broken at certain places.

To always keep your jewelry in top-notch condition, regularly keep checking them for any signs of damage. And if you do notice any, get them corrected at the earliest.

Jewelry care is not an easy task. You always have to be extra careful when it comes to keeping them looking sparkly, shiny, and brand-new. We hope that the tips mentioned in this blog will help you better take care of your prized jewelry and help keep them shining like you.

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