Shining Artwork: Top Uses of Foil for Your Art Projects

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When you are a serious scrapbooker or an artisan who creates handicrafts and other art projects, your arsenal is surely composed of the usuals—cutters, construction papers, tapes, tracing paper, and an assortment of clips. But if you want to spice things up a bit, you should start including unorthodox materials in your box. Who knows, that may just help you come up with an eye-catching output. In this regard, you may consider getting yourself foil—as in the shining sheets!

Foil sheets may be already in your bookstore or other places online. But you hardly have had the impression of their many different uses. But now is the right time to find more uses for unorthodox materials. When you veer away from the usual, you always have a great chance to come up with interesting works. Below are just some of the uses of foil sheets, which you can apply to your various arts and crafts projects.

Use them to wrap gifts

Foremost, you can use foil sheets as gift wrappers. After all, foils, such as that of aluminum variants, are paper-thin, meaning you can easily cut and fold it. What’s good about foil sheets as gift wrappers are that you stand out from the crowd. The receiver of the gift will easily recognize that the gift has come from you. However, be careful when wrapping your gifts, as you do not want the presents to look mediocre or normal. So what you should do at this point is to get a nice ribbon and make it your finishing touch.

Create a monogram

Now there are actually two ways to approach this monogram project. You can look at it in two ways. One, you can use the foil sheet for your letters; instead of using wax stamps, you can use aluminum foil to create a stamp. Use your name’s first letter to make it easy for the recipient to identify the sender. If you have a lot of time, you can use the foil to wrap a letter framework or mode. That way, you can create a 3D monogram covered with foil.

Create a collage


Fan of scrapbooking? Then you should use foil to make your pages interesting. When you are scrapbooking, you are actually creating a collage—a mix of things that will remind you of a bygone period. To add some extra appeal to your existing collages, you can add foil sheets For one, you can use the foil to create a frame where your other artworks will be placed at the center.

Create a mosaic

If you are a fan of mosaics, and you want to try to use a different medium, you should use foil sheets. You can cut the foil into many different pieces, and you can use them as artificial rains or a welcoming party.

If you come to think of it, foil actually has many uses. However, a lot of artisans and artists overlook this material, thinking that it is too shiny and therefore would be very difficult to use. No material is difficult to use when you have an imaginative mind and willingness to create something.

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