Sidestep the Rocky Path to Divorce

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Sometimes, it occurs to some people that their spouses want to end their relationship, and it leaves them devastated. In a union, it is often the small things that break the camel’s back, leading to a divorce.

Gleaning from counseling services such as Swinton & Boyle Counseling, it is no fun growing old alone. This is in the wake of recent reports that divorce rates among senior citizens are an all-time high. Many seniors are opting out of unhappy unions, choosing to live out their retirement on their own terms.

It appears that lots of people grit their teeth in unfulfilling unions during their youthful years. In most cases, couples stick it out for the sake of their children. To avoid spending your twilight years alone, you need to iron out the kinks in your relationship early on.

Don’t Prioritize Your Career Over Your Spouse

It might sound cliché, but many couples fall into this cesspool with each passing day. The high cost of living drives people to spend more hours at the office chasing after the all too important paycheck. Unfortunately, spending too much time away from your spouse is a relationship killer.

It increases the distance between the two of you. Your spouse might start to feel like they are playing second fiddle to your job, and nothing good can come from that. Over a long time, they might learn to live without you and choose to end the union.

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If you sincerely care about spending time with your loved ones, you should make it a goal, not just something that your mate or partner is compelling you to do. If it is not one of your life goals, you will never stick with it. With that in mind, you have to be honest with yourself above all.

The next step is to set aside some time to talk about your situation.  In other words, do not ignore the issue or just let it bubble up out of disappointment. When you discuss things, validate your loved one’s opinions even if you disagree with them. If you want your partner to work less, you should look at the bigger picture before assuming that he or she does not value your relationship as much as you do.

Don’t Prioritize Your Friends Over Your Spouse

Sure, you might have a history with your friends or colleagues, and this makes it even more interesting to hang out with them. However, if you are continually picking your friends over your significant other, that is a dangerous move. Everyone desires to feel loved or appreciated, and such behavior doesn’t meet this need.

Canceling date nights to catch a drink with your friends breeds anger and resentment. Do this long enough, and your partner might choose to walk away. Thus, it is crucial to spend time with the people whom you value.

Although building a happy and stable relationship is not a walk in the park, you should avoid taking actions that rock the boat. Such things tend to breed cracks that can eventually tear your union apart.

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