Perfectly Pampered: Products to Achieve a Spa Experience at Home

spa at home
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Everybody is definitely in need of a bit of self-care right now. After more than a year of living with the pandemic and cooped up indoors, the stress and anxiety are beginning to catch up with you — if they haven’t already. This is precisely why personal wellness is set to take center stage this year after taking a back seat for the entirety of 2020.

However, it’s no secret that a weekend-filled pamper retreat at your favorite spa or wellness center is still off the table. Despite the continued vaccination rollout programs across the country, most of these establishments will probably be closed. The ones that have reopened, on the other hand, will most likely be functioning at a limited capacity which won’t be worthwhile.

The next best thing is to create a makeshift spa inside your own home. It’s not necessarily that difficult to accomplish either. You need to have the right lineup of bath and body skincare products along with a few other essentials, and you’ll be all set.

Spa-worthy Items

Over the past year, the global pandemic has forced drastic shifts upon everyone. This has significantly changed your daily living, and not all of it has brought a lot of good, to be quite honest. While remote working gave you the freedom to work at home, it also put your delicate work-life balance into haywire. Your professional and personal responsibilities have certainly clashed more than once, leaving you without any breathing room to relax.

Even if you did have the time, however, you still wouldn’t know how to effectively unwind with all your favorite personal care establishments being unavailable. Well, try creating your own sanctuary instead. At-home spas have been increasing in popularity in recent months, so maybe it’s time for you to hop on this trend as well. Learn about some essentials you’ll want to have for rejuvenation after a day, or even a week, filled with stress.

Set the Mood

To get that much-needed spa treatment you’ve been craving for, you first have to set the mood. After all, the air when you enter your favorite spa is the first thing that triggers that feeling of calm and tranquility. The scent is unmistakably soothing but not particularly overwhelming too.

To achieve the same effect at home, you need to light a scented candle. This will easily help you slip into that serene and peaceful state of mind. Consider picking scents rooted in aromatherapy like frankincense for relaxation or lavender to help you get better sleep quality at night.

spa at home

All About the Oils

In line with aromatherapy, have a wide selection of essential oils at the ready for when you’re about to take a dip in your bathtub or enter your shower. Not only will this help clear your mind while taking a bath, but it’s also scientifically proven to boost your mood.

For bathtubs, these can usually come in the form of bath bombs or bath salts. You drop them in, and you’ll be set. If you don’t have a bath or prefer not to use it, you could apply the oil to your body or put a few drops in the shower, and the steam will essentially produce the same effect.

Post-bath Pampering

Spas are all about making an effort to notice the little details. After taking a bath, you’ll want to land your feet on something soft. For this, you’ll want to consider having a fluffy cotton bath mat, which will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Perfect for eliminating any mental or emotional weights.

Moreover, you’ll surely want to feel all the luxuries that a spa can offer once you step out of your tub or shower. This is where having a towel warmer becomes crucial. Most of these come with a single temperature setting, giving your towels optimal warmth all the time, just like getting a nice warm hug.

One Day at a Time

The best part about having an at-home spa is that you don’t have to renovate an entire room just to fit a personal sauna — but you’re welcome to do so! Recreating the spa experience at home takes a few good products and a quiet bathroom. After you’ve finished with your bath, feel free to carry on with your skincare routine.

Treat yourself to a bit of pampering from head to toe. Put on some relaxing music, give yourself a facial massage, rub some cream, and soak your feet in more bath salts. You could also squeeze in a quick meditation while you’re at it. This is guaranteed to give you that fresh restart you’ve been looking for. You deserve it after all the pandemic has put you through.

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