Yes, You Should Teach Your Kids Fashion

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Fashion is downright magical, and now that doors are opening up again, it has revived the passion for dressing up and expressing yourself as you make heads turn while you walk down the streets in the new normal. And what’s even better, we can finally bid farewell to our beloved sweatpants and hoodie combos that have overstayed their welcome since the start of this global pandemic, reinvigorating the slumbering fashionista inside of us waiting for this very moment.

However, many people still believe that being fashionable remains a niche for teens, young adults, and individuals already involved in the fashion industry, despite its inclusive and all-encompassing nature. And today, we are going to take it a step further and tell everyone why teaching your kids fashion at a young age is an opportunity that many parents overlook far too often.

#1 Teaches Them To Be Expressive

We’ve all been through that stage where we feel lost and can’t seem to express ourselves properly, whether it be through words or actions; it just never comes out right. Of course, over the years, you start to learn how to be expressive from experience, but your kids don’t get that luxury. So, why not break the cycle and teach them how to be expressive at an early age with the help of fashion?

  • The Magic Of Dressing Up: Fashion is powerful, and with a change of attire, you can instantly give yourself an immediate sense of self-confidence that you would’ve thought impossible, and all it needed was a wardrobe change. And that right there is the magic of dressing up; you can become whoever you want to be and unleash any bottled feelings that have been begging to come out for the longest time. So, when you show your kid how to be expressive through their choice of clothes, they indirectly learn to communicate better, and you might even find out something new about them.
  • Builds Their Persona: We all spend a great deal of our lives soul-searching and figuring out who we truly are, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to build their persona in this contemporary world filled with social media. However, if you give your child the opportunity to explore fashion at a young age, it gives them an avenue to explore and safely discover themselves.

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#2 It’s Fun And Exciting

Besides the emotional growth aspect of it all, fashion is naturally fun and exciting, which makes it an excellent way to share happy moments with your child in a way you didn’t think possible. Of course, don’t expect them to give any proper talking points and critique on your next outfit, but we can guarantee that you’ll make memories worth a lifetime that you wouldn’t trade for anything else.

  • A Chance To Bond: Just like any other building toys, trying different outfits and pulling out random things from the wardrobe to put together is an excellent chance to bond. Plus, it breaks from the monotonous cycle of seeking attention and entertainment from their phones and shifts their focus on something more productive. In fact, you might even end up creating a personal runway that you could look back at many years later.
  • Encourages Them To Help With Chores: We know how stressful it can be to clean up after a child and all the mess they can make, but fashion can actually encourage them to help with chores. Once they see the value in the outfits they put on, it’s only a natural step forward to learn about clothing hygiene. And soon enough, you’ll have a little helper right beside you every laundry day and maybe even folding their clothes for you.

#3 They Find Their Style Much Sooner

Last but not least, your child gets the opportunity to find the style they love most much sooner and saves them the hassle of jumping from one thing to the next. Let’s be honest. We’ve all been through a phase during our teenage years when we tried all different sorts of clothes that we’re now embarrassed to look back at. And while a lot of us like to poke fun and think of them as good memories, it doesn’t work the same way for many other people who got the short end of the stick. So, put them in the right direction that lets them experience their fashion taste to the fullest and prevents them from being too late to the party.

Fashionable Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Overall, if you’re quite the fashionable parent who knows their way around the latest streetwear trends, then go the extra mile of letting your child know what being fashionable means. For all we know, they might have a keen eye for aesthetics, and you introducing them early might be the catalyst to send them into stardom.

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