Walk Down the Aisle in Style: Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Weddings serve to highlight one of the best moments in any person’s life. Unfortunately, the wedding industry was suffered immense losses over the past year. Due to the sudden global pandemic outbreak, most weddings were forced to scale down or downright postpone. This year, tying the knot is set to make a comeback.

Almost all engaged couples who were more than excited to have a wedding last year had to make significant alterations to their original plans. Moreover, countless businesses related to the wedding industry were also impacted by all the unfortunate circumstances of the past year.

This year celebrating couples tying the knot is set to make a comeback. The year 2021 is expected to be one of the busiest years for weddings. Of course, even this meaningful celebration will see some drastic changes in format as well.

The Best Bridal Looks

As the vaccination rollout continues across the country, it’s also become easier for face-to-face celebrations to be held. This is why weddings are set to be big in the coming months. However, it also means that couples will most likely have to plan everything out again from square one.

Aside from all the preparations that couples can carry out for months or even years leading up to their big day, almost nothing is as important as the bride’s dress. With weddings coming back in demand, the business will surely be booming for countless bridal fashion stores like Elizabeth Cooper Design.

Likewise, they are also beginning to update their selections when it comes to wedding dresses and accessories. If you’re one of the lucky brides-to-be about to wed the love of your life in the months ahead, here are some of the best wedding dress designs you should definitely consider.

Keep It Minimal

Over the past year, the “micro wedding” trend saw a drastic rise in popularity. This was largely due to couples observing the appropriate health and safety guidelines. Essentially, a micro wedding meant that the celebration only had around 50 or fewer attending guests. Most couples are expected to continue this trend in 2021.

Likewise, micro wedding dresses are expected to become more common as well. A micro wedding dress is considered to be a lot less grand and more laid back than usual bridal dresses. It’s been likened to the “second dress” that brides would change into after their wedding ceremony. They do say that beauty lies in simplicity.

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Fashionable Revival

A lot of fashion trends from the past are recently making a comeback as well. Everything from mom jeans to oversized tops has made a resurgence over the past couple of months. The midi dress, which is much longer than a knee dress but shorter than a full-length one, is among the most notable trends to have made a return.

Alongside the midi dress, tea-length wedding dresses are also becoming go-to dresses for countless brides again. Similar to the midi dress, tea-length dresses usually end just two or three inches above the ankles. These types of dresses used to be popular sometime between the 1940s and the 50s. Some things just never go out of fashion.

Rooted in Nature

Another aesthetic that boomed in the previous year was “cottagecore,” sometimes known as “farmcore” or “countrycore.” This kind of aesthetic is heavily derived from a romanticized interpretation of an agricultural lifestyle. Most people attribute its popularity to how it taps into the essence of traditional English countryside living.

At its center, cottagecore promotes a sustainable and harmonious existence with nature. Translating this into wedding dresses, cottagecore-inspired gowns are typically made of cotton fabrics designed to be loose-fitting. Sometimes, a few old-fashioned patterns are also thrown into the mix. This kind of dress is perfect for boho-themed ceremonies and receptions.

Breaking Traditions

Weddings are usually very traditional practices, which can sometimes be too monotonous for some people. Hence, they continuously look for avenues where they can incorporate more modern elements just to spice things up. Switching up bridal fashion helps to provide that particular sense of modernity that people crave in an otherwise long-established setting.

For more modern brides, tailored and separate pieces have become increasingly popular. While it’s not entirely new, these kinds of bridal fashion saw an increase in demand over the previous year. Jumpsuits, pantsuits, and two-piece tuxedo style bridal wear allow brides to deviate from the traditional gown without sacrificing formality. Elegance and sophistication don’t always have to come in a dress.

Love in the time of Covid-19

Other than bridal fashion, the general way weddings are done is also bound to undergo significant changes. The most significant among these changes is the continued prioritization of couples for the health and safety of everyone involved. Nonetheless, it still stands that love will definitely triumph over all things, even a global pandemic.

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