Top Family Outdoor Activities to Try With Babies

baby having a picnic with her teddy bear
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Warm weather, vibrant surroundings, and bright sunlight mean lots of fun firsts for your baby. Although your child may not be ready for more action-packed outdoor activities like hide-and-seek or a game of tag, there are still plenty of fun things babies can do outside with the whole family.

Besides having fun with loved ones, exploring the great outdoors is excellent at encouraging all development areas in babies and younger children — ranging from motor to cognitive skills. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

That said, here are the best outdoor family activities you can explore safely with babies:

Feel the Grass

One of the simplest yet memorable outdoor activities you can do with your family and baby is looking around and feeling your surroundings. So, take advantage of a sunny day and head to the local park with your family and have your baby feel the grass with their toys. Besides grass, look around the environment and see what other textures would be interesting for your baby to touch. Some of the safer things you can let them explore are sand, pinecones, water, rocks, leaves, tree bark, and flowers.

Make sure to closely supervise your baby at all times when letting them explore new things, especially when they’re at the stage where they nearly put everything in their mouth.

You can prevent their craving for placing something inside their mouth by allowing them to use their pacifiers while doing so. It’s best to use a high-quality pacifier clip when doing this activity to ensure your baby has the pacifier with them at all times and it doesn’t get soiled, allowing them to explore the world without the constant need of reaching out and putting things inside their mouth.

Go For a Walk

A simple and relaxing family outdoor activity you can do with young kids and babies is taking a simple stroll, allowing everyone to get some much-needed fresh air and exercise while enjoying each other’s company. There are several things your baby can learn by simply walking outside, from feeling different sensations to explaining what things are as you go, such as vibrant trees, colorful flowers, and sandy pathways.

Splash in the Water

There’s nothing better than soaking in the pool and playing around the water with the family, especially during hot summer months. Most children get a huge kick out of playing around in the water. That’s why as long as you’re handling them with care and thoroughly looking after them, water play can be a great outdoor activity for your baby. Whether it’s at the beach or your very own pool at home, bringing your child to splash around the water can be a great way to boost their cognitive skills.

mother and her baby in a pool

Look at the Surrounding Nature

One of the best family outdoor activities that everyone can participate in is looking at the surroundings and helping parents see the world through their children’s eyes. Whether it’s looking at the dew on the grass, or tree bark, getting creative and exploring all the ‘interesting’ things around you can help your baby soak in all kinds of new information while giving you a chance to explore nature up close.

Have Fun on the Swings

If your baby can already hold their head and have ‘good’ neck control, scope a nearby playground with baby swings and start pushing them gently. The swinging sensation is bound to bring huge smiles and great laughs from your child. Just make sure the swing set is safe enough for your baby to use. Plus, if you have other kids, having them push their little brother or sister on the swings can also be an enjoyable and teachable experience, helping them learn how to control their strength and patience.

Play with Bubbles

Not only is it fun to watch bubbles float alongside the breeze, but it can be a fantastic activity that gives a baby’s sensory development a boost. That’s because bubbles popping on their skin can help them get used to different textures. If your baby is big enough, play a game of popping bubbles using various parts of their body, such as poking them with fingers or stomping on them using their feet. Plus, it gives adults an excuse to act and feel like a kid again.

Even if your baby is under six months, you can still bring them outside and try out the fun outdoor activities mentioned — but it’s best to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible since their skin is still relatively sensitive. However, once they get old enough, bring them outside and bask in the many benefits of exploring the great outdoors.

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