You Should Switch Skincare Products And Update Your Routine

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With Christmas just around the corner, we know that everyone’s busy snuggling close to the fireplace as the season of gift-giving gives us a warm embrace for surviving the year. In fact, some of us might even be considering getting brand new mattresses to feel extra cozy as the new year comes around.

However, for all the people who swear by their beloved skincare products and routine, please hold off on rewarding yourself with a new batch this coming Christmas. That’s because your skin will have adapted and changed by now throughout quarantine and is going to need something new to keep it feeling silky smooth.

Won’t That Cause Breakouts?

While most people tend to think that switching out products is the leading cause of breakouts, this is hardly ever the truth. Sure, they can be a factor at times, but it’s not the product itself that causes them, rather the method and timing of introducing something new to your skincare routine. So, hear us out when we tell you to make the switch because you don’t want to risk losing all the progress you’ve made so far!

Your Skin Changes And Adapts

The number one reason for switching out skincare products is because your skin changes and adapts to the current ones you’re using. While they may have been effective at first, your skin will eventually get used to them, and their efficacy as skincare products will fall off in the long-term. Plus, throughout your skincare regimen, your skin might naturally become more oily, dry, or maybe even more sensitive, which is why you need to address these changes as well.

  • Change in Weather: With Christmas also comes Winter, and that means the weather will undoubtedly be chilly and cold. The change in climate might cause a reaction to your skin and make it drier, so you’ll want a skincare product that helps keep you moisturized instead of anti-oily.
  • You’re Working Out More: If you’ve made some significant lifestyle choices recently, like started working out more and following Naomi Osaka’s footsteps, your skin will also call for some changing up. And because you’re sweating more often, this will make your face much more oily, so you’ll need new skincare products that help balance that out.

Helps You Feel More Refreshed

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Apart from the objective reasons behind switching out skincare products, there’s also the satisfaction and bliss of treating your skin with something new. Sure, a lot of people would stand behind the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but there’s absolutely nothing better than introducing a night eye cream to help prevent crow’s feet or trying out a new moisturizer. Yes, we won’t deny that these are very subjective reasons, but since it is the season of gift-giving, it might be high-time you consider presenting your skin with its own gift as well.

However, Be Careful On Frequency

Before you jump on the bandwagon of self-loving with new skincare products, we want to warn you about being careful with your frequency. If you’re already using something relatively new and haven’t gone beyond the eight to twelve-week mark of testing it out and seeing if it’s effective, we advise not to switch out products. It would be best if you gave it some time to showcase its effectiveness because switching out too often can cause irritation and lead to breakouts.

  • One Product At A Time: If you want to be extra safe, you can limit yourself to one product at a time and see how well it jives with your current skincare routine. And over a two-month period, you’ll have a brand-new set of skincare products to enjoy.
  • Don’t Rush Things: While it may be very tempting to rush things and try as much as you can, remember that skincare is not a race but an act of self-love. You want to give it time, so there’s no need for haste when switching skincare products.

Give Your Skin Some Love

Overall, you want to give your skin its well-deserved tender love and care this Christmas season, so don’t deny your body this blessing. And, while you’re at it, you might want to add some essential oils for even better relief while you stay cozy by the fire.

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