4 Cool Hobbies You Have Probably Never Done Before

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It’s been almost a year ago when lockdowns have affected the way we live. Since then, more people spend extra time at home, and in their search for ways to keep them busy during these extra times, people discover things they didn’t know they enjoy doing, and unconsciously start to become a regular activity, also known as hobbies. Here are some unique hobbies that you might consider doing soon:

Explore Genealogy

Have you ever wondered how you got that perfect nose and that perfectly shaped head? Who your ancestors were? On what generation in the family tree do you belong? We’ve just found the perfect hobby for you that only requires a computer and basic research skills.

Genealogy allows you to trace back to your family’s roots with the help of the internet through Genealogy websites only using your basic information (name, country of origin, race, etc.) The information you’ll get will be based on your ancestors’ previous documents and your DNA. Do it not just with yourself but with your close friends too and it will surely be an entertaining hobby.

Some of the most accurate Genealogy websites to start your exploration is Ancestry.com and MyHeritage.com.

Streaming documentaries

With the 16 million new sign-ups just in the first 3 months of the year 2020, Netflix is not only home for some of the best series and in-house movies across all streaming platforms, but also offers high-quality documentaries which most subscribers are yet to discover. This makes the best platform to start your documentaries watching hobby.

Some of the internet’s most recommended Netflix documentaries to watch are American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020), Tell Me Who I Am (2019), and Icarus (2017). Youtube is also a go-to platform for documentary hobbyists.

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This may sound weird and boring but doing it with the right person or your squad, and in the right place, it can be a very entertaining hobby. It only requires your wide imagination, and a pair of good men’s or women’s running shoes just because you won’t know when you’re getting in trouble. While this hobby is for everyone, not everyone wants to be observed so you need to be prepared for them.

Some ideal places to do this are coffee shops, bookstores, parks, and even beaches.


While recycling sounds fun, upcycling is an even more exciting hobby. Upcycling is basically a recycling concept, only that in upcycling, you are to come up with something brand new from your old things when it goes out of style instead of just throwing them out.

Turning your leftover wine corks into a bottle stopper, doing a makeover of a can to make a small and pretty pot, are just some of the common upcycling ideas that are easily done at home. One of the best references for upcycling ideas is Pinterest.

Although community lockdowns have already been lifted, we cannot deny that COVID still exists and it’s still unsafe to go for an all-out outdoor hobby. If you cannot do some of the recommended hobbies outdoors the safest way possible, just keep these ideas for future reference until everything gets back to normal, it surely will.

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