Preparing Your Wardrobe For The Winter Season

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Yes, we might be staying in for this year’s Christmas, and the winter break might be limited to your home, but that’s no excuse to slack off on your fashion and style. And while we hate to admit it, the vast majority of us have been getting very comfortable with our beds, so comfy that oversized shirts and pajamas are the only outfits we’ve been wearing since the Fall season.

So, to make a complete 180-degree turn and change destination toward style and aesthetics, there’s no better time than now to whip your wardrobe into shape as the weather starts to get more chilly every day. Plus, you can never go wrong with winter wear because they’re functional and there’s always wearing them next year.

But, Aren’t All The Big Sales Done?

Well, we won’t deny that you may have missed a banger opportunity on some significant discounts and sales with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But, just because you weren’t able to score the perfect outfit on those days specifically doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity to get one now.

Remember, we’re still on the front-end of December, the last month of 2020, and the perfect time for seasonal clearance sales and Christmas discounts to come falling from Santa’s sleigh. So, to give you a running start before adding random items into your cart, here are some winter essentials and extra things you will definitely want to consider buying.

#1 Thermal Underwear

At the core of any Winter outfit is quality thermal underwear; they serve as the base for all your layers and keep you warm enough to breeze through the cold weather. Sure, certain places don’t get as cold, and you can get away with wearing a coat, but everyone’s built differently, and it’s always much better to play safe rather than sorry.

  • Active? No Problem: While plenty of animals stock up and hibernate throughout winter, people don’t share the same sentiments and prefer staying on the move. And if you’re the type who loves to go out, stay active, or maybe even go for a hike during this winter season, thermal underwear is necessary. It’s an essential line of defense against cold weather and also helps wick away the sweat from working out.
  • Lightweight: When choosing the necessary garments for your thermal underwear, apart from selecting the right size, also look into the type of materials used and if it’s lightweight. You don’t want the base of all your layers to be overbearing because wearing a lot is heavy enough, and you don’t want to feel sluggish when going out during the winter season.

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#2 Execute Good Layering

Once you’re all good with a great pair of thermal underwear, now comes the most exciting part of a winter wardrobe — the layering. From simple two-tone looks to testing out the limits of your vibrancy, there’s quite a lot of freedom when it comes to finding your style and rocking a sexy outfit. And, while at times it may feel like a lot to juggle, a quick gloss over the basics will give you plenty to try.

  • Winter Coats: Nothing beats a good winter coat when it comes to functionality for the Christmas season. It checks off every box on the list for warmth, style, variety, and safety for a winter essential. Plus, if you want to score extra points for glamour, choosing a coat that features faux fur or fleece can go a long way for style.
  • Turtlenecks: Sometimes, we want something that holds onto our body like a warm embrace, and nothing fits that description better than a quality turtleneck. Of course, warmth is relative to the thickness of the fabric and the material used, but you can always go with an extra layer for a coat or blazer to complete your look.
  • Beanies and Mittens: While Christmas movies love to portray actors under the snow, with perfect looks, but without beanies and mittens — that’s just movie logic. Your hands and ears will get pretty cold without them, so don’t skip out on a quality pair to go with your winter outfits.

#3 Try Sustainable Winter Wear

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, there’s still an extra step we strongly suggest investing your time in, and that’s trying out sustainable winter wear. While most people think a green thumb more represents sustainability and eco-friendly actions, your choice of clothes also has a strong impact on the environment. So, when possible, you may want to keep your eye out for some of these beautiful fabric materials.

  • Bamboo: Yes, apart from the eco-friendly bamboo dinnerware, this material also doubles down as the perfect solution for cold weather. When used as a fabric, bamboo can be really soft, and it’s also antibacterial!
  • Organic Cotton: Unlike regular cotton, that’s harsh on the environment and consumes more water, organic cotton is much softer and hypoallergenic. So, when choosing a winter jacket, watch out for the organic cotton feature.

Experiment and Look Your Best

Overall, don’t let the cold weather tempt you to become lazy and give this winter season a rocking outfit to remember. Be sure to experiment with the different styles and apparel we’ve covered, and tailor the look to best suit your fashion sense.

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