A Guide on Bedding Weaves Used to Make Bed Sheets

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Making a bed involves a broad range of items. And it’s not just about making a bed with the complete components of one; it’s more about making a comfortable bed — one that you can sleep in and, more importantly, sleep well in. You don’t need an industry expert like 2brothersmattress.com to tell you that.

Although picking most of the parts of a bed — pillows, mattress, blanket, duvet, and so forth — is easy, choosing the bed sheets is a challenge. This is because there are different elements you need to consider when buying bed sheets.

There are numerous articles you can find online on picking the right fabric, but very few will advise you on how to select a weave pattern. A bed sheet’s weave is among the vital factors that affect its durability and comfort.

It is thus crucial to pick the best weave when shopping for your bed sheets at a mattress store in Utah. Here are the weaves used for bed sheets.

Percale Weave

Also known as a plain weave, this is made of superior quality cotton woven tightly with a crisscross pattern and similar thread count on both sides. A percale-woven bed sheet has a smooth and soft finish.

It is light and hence the ideal pick if you get hot when asleep and need a cold sleeping environment. Think summer nights when temperatures are high, and using the AC every night it too expensive in terms of your household utility costs.

Twill Weave

closeup of a a twill weave

This has diagonal lines that look like those on denim fabrics. Twill-weaved bed sheets are durable, strong and drape well. They create a warm, cozy and fluffy feel and are hence ideal for cold weathers. Use sheets with this weave during winter or even spring to cut down power costs on heating.

Bed sheets with a twill weave are also more pliant and softer when you compare them with other options. Attributable to its uneven surface, stains and marks are not as noticeable on fabrics with this weave. They also exhibit a style that looks like a design in itself hence there is very little need for print.

Sateen Weave

This weave is made with one thread under and four threads over. This results in a smooth and lustrous fabric that feels like silk. Unlike the twill weave, this weave is smooth, even and even has a glossy finish.

Sateen-weaved bed sheets are heavier compared with others and hence ideal for those who get cold in the middle of the night. Sateen is, unfortunately, the least durable weave option.

Finding a good deal for bed sheets goes far beyond its price tag. Picking high-quality rather than the cheapest bed sheets regardless of your weave option from the options mentioned above is essential.

This will be your best bet for a good night’s sleep and durable sheets that you don’t have to spend a fortune on replacing every now and then. With the right sheets, therefore, the informed buying decision will save you money as well as result in better sleep.

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