A 3-Point Guide to Choosing the Right Headstone

Headstone in a cemetery with one red tulip
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Headstones are often expensive but worthy investments. Apart from giving your loved ones a befitting send-off, you want to see that they are remembered even in many years to come. You want something that can take you back in time when they were alive and stir up good memories. That something can be a headstone.

Whenever you visit the grave of your loved one, you look for the headstone, especially if you have not visited for a long time. Looking at the headstone of your loved one can make you feel different emotions that are both good and bad. This blog takes you through a systematic guide to buying the right headstone. Take a look.

1. Understand cemetery regulations

Different cemeteries have different rules which clients must stick to. Some will specify maximum height and width that your headstone must have. Others will not allow headstones made of certain materials for specific reasons. Therefore, the best starting point should be to understand the regulations of the cemetery in which your loved one is to be laid to rest. Talk to the manager of the cemetery and find out if there are other rules that you do not understand or aware of. You do not want for problems to arise when your loved one is already buried.

2. Check on your budget

Tombstones in cemetery at dusk

It may not be appropriate to question anything about money, more so when mourning the death of a loved one. However, it is imperative that you stick to a budget that you can afford while buying headstones in West Valley City or elsewhere. Remember that you still have so many other funeral expenses to pay for. Where possible, you may have to examine the contract and find out whether funeral expenses are included or not. Seek the help of an expert from reputable funeral homes, such as McDougal Funeral Home, for this. If seeking help from an expert also cost you some money, talk to a family member or relative who already experienced organizing a funeral.

3. Check on the material used

Headstones are made of a variety of materials, including limestone, marble, bronze, sandstone, just to name but a few. Tombstones made of granite are often durable than any other stones. However, the choices you make should be based on how well you want the inscriptions, design, carvings, and colors to fit the diseased. Again, be sure that the materials you select do not compromise with cemetery rules. Your departed loved one might also have his or her personal preferences. It is important to check if wishes were made by the deceased. Following their wishes is a sign of respect to the departed loved one.

Death is often an unfortunate event. No one has control over it. Furthermore, it comes unannounced. Other people, especially old ones, plan their funerals before the day happens, but it can be a daunting task. For most people, what matters is how their loved ones are ushered into the other world. They show their love and respect for their departed loved ones by giving them beautiful funerals and building them intricate headstones.

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