Handcrafted Decorations to Welcome the New Year

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Throw a New Year’s Eve party your loved ones will never forget by making unique handcrafted decorations that double as party favors. Whether you’ve planned it for weeks or your party is in a couple of days, here are some D.I.Y. decoration ideas for a fabulous NYE party.


These colorful decorations liven up plain walls and can also serve as backdrops for photo-ops. Give your party a sparkly flair by using gold and silver foil sheets and cutting them into triangles. Finish them off by alternating colors and lining them up using decorative twine or thin rope. Pair these with tinsel door curtains and you’ll have yourself an Instagram corner for selfies and group photos.

You can also level up your buntings by hanging confetti balloons. Use the excess gold and silver paper from the flags for homemade confetti and use these to fill transparent balloons. Hang the balloons and buntings on the ceiling and keep a box of pins nearby. When the clock strikes 12, you and your guests can pop the balloons for a shower of confetti as the New Year arrives.


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Indoor noisemakers are ideal for dinner parties, especially when chilly outdoor weather deters you from watching fireworks displays around the neighborhood. These noisemakers are also an environmentally friendly choice, especially if you use biodegradable materials. Whether you believe you’re warding off bad luck or are simply saying goodbye to the year that has been, it’s a fun way to welcome the New Year with a bang – literally.

You can make different noisemakers, like party blowers and rattles, to distribute to your party guests. Create party blowers by simply sticking two even strips of vellum board together and coiling them around a pencil. Leave them coiled for a while to retain the shape. After this, glue one end shut and stick the other end to a paper straw. Make sure it’s airtight so that when it is blown, the coil unravels and makes noise.

Another option is to upcycle empty ribbon spools left behind from Christmas gift-wrapping. Fill the empty spools with beads or dried beans and decorate them to make handy rattles. Give your noisemakers a festive look by using shiny art materials such as glitter, metallic pens, and foil paper.


Fun hats and headbands make good photo props and spread holiday cheer among guests. Repurpose old party hats by spray-painting them gold and dusting them with glitter. Add sparkly pompoms or tinsel around the edges and on top for a more festive look. A bonus tip is to get rid of the annoying rubber bands under the chin and glue the hats to headbands instead. You can go as far as customizing different hats for each guest, which can act as place cards for the dinner table setting, too.

Hosting a beautiful New Year’s party is a special way to bid the passing year farewell and to welcome the coming year in a fun and festive way. Amplify the joy with some handcrafted touches that show your guests how special they are to you.

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