After-Wax Hacks: Post Care Tips After Getting a Brazilian

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You just got through the winter holidays, so the sun and summer may still be far from your mind. That’s not an excuse to neglect to care for your nether regions, though.

If you’re one to wax, you know how important pre- and post-care are. The level of pain or discomfort (which could be very minimal, even hardly at all, with proper care) you’ll feel after getting a Brazilian in Midvale highly depends on how you take care of yourself down there before and after the procedure.

If you’re a first timer though, you should focus more on aftercare, especially if you’re already planning on doing it again. Protect your lady bits from pesky bumps and ingrown by following these post-Brazilian wax care tips.

1. Wear Loose Clothing

Friction is one of the biggest foes of freshly-waxed skin, so you’re better off avoiding tight clothing.

Wear plain cotton panties after you wax. Tight and frilly underwear or those made of silk are more likely to irritate your sensitive skin. Avoid tight jeans and shorts as well and, if the weather permits, wear skirts and dresses instead.

2. Keep Your Cool

One of the best pre-waxing steps you can do is to take a hot shower. The steam opens up your hair follicles, making it a bit easier to remove hair from your pubic area. After waxing, however, cool temperature is best for your sensitive skin. Sure, soaking in a hot tub is relaxing, but hot water can wreak havoc on your sensitive skin, too.

3. Use Mild Cleansers

Mild soap

While you can only take cold showers in the first couple of days post-waxing, that’s no excuse not to properly clean your freshly-waxed area. Be careful, though. You do not want to use soaps and body wash with strong fragrance or too many chemicals. These can be skin irritants and you don’t want that for your lady parts.

4. No Sweat

If you’re used to living an active lifestyle, making time to run in the mornings or go to the gym every day, you might want to hold off on doing those things. The presence of salt in your sweat may irritate your freshly-waxed skin and lead to itchy infection.

Apart from sweat, doing cardio exercises such as running can cause too much friction on your skin down there. Take the couple of days after waxing as an opportunity not to drag yourself to the gym and work out.

5. Don’t Do the Deed

A part of caring for your bikini area post-Brazilian wax is to refrain from engaging in sexual activities. Even the simple act of touching your privates can cause irritation. The added friction from sex could further irritate skin that’s already very sensitive.

In a article, waxing specialist Natalia Romanenko advised that you should wait at least 24 hours before engaging in any intense exercise, including sex. This window of time helps the pores and follicles of your skin to return to their normal size, thereby avoiding skin irritation.

6. Exfoliate, But Not Right Away

As we’ve reiterated countless times, friction can irritate your sensitive skin. Fortunately, you’re only at risk for about two days after waxing. Afterward, take the time to exfoliate areas of your skin that you had waxed. This method buffs away dead skin cells and unclogs your pores, therefore preventing ingrown hair.

With proper aftercare, you can enjoy the benefits of your hairless skin without having ugly bumps or experiencing painful irritation.

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