Four Habits You Need to Do for a Perfect Beauty Rest

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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skip in your beauty routine, that should be sleep. Getting enough beauty rest is key to a glowing complexion, fewer fine lines, young-looking eyes, and a healthy, happy facade.

The process, however, doesn’t start when you hit the sack and close your eyes. Before the beauty rest, there’s the beauty ritual. Make sure to do these routines before dozing off to complete the perfect beauty rest.

Use a Toner

Toner does lots of wonders to your skin, making beauty rests better. For the uninformed, this product helps give the appearance of smaller pores. It also restores the skin’s natural pH balance, preventing bacteria and infections. Simply put, toners refresh your skin and add another layer of protection to it.

Many caviar products are known to be super-friendly to the skin, containing anti-aging ingredients as well to make the skin more youthful-looking. Whatever items you’re buying though, make sure to consider your skin type. Experts recommend toners that have salicylic acid for oily skin, and products that have glycerin or essential oils for dry skin.

Remove Your Makeup

Seriously. Get it off your face thoroughly before hitting the bed. During sleep, your skin repairs itself from all the pollutants and irritants it has absorbed during the day. But that won’t happen when you leave chemicals on your face. Worse, these chemicals are mixed with oils and dirt for a longer period, which would make breakouts more likely.

Now, yes, in this fast-paced lifestyle, who really has the time (and the energy) to remove mascara and long-wearing foundation after a long, busy day? The trick here is to use the right makeup remover. Micellar water, for instance, is effective in getting every bit of makeup off. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, however, go for a cleanser that has glycolic acid.

Put on Eye Cream

woman applying skin cream under eyes

A lot of women are skeptic about eye creams, thinking that they could just use moisturizers. The truth is eye creams are designed specifically for the fragile skin around the eyes; that’s why they’re a lot thicker. They also have high concentrations of oil than your lotions since the area it targets tend to be more vulnerable to dryness.

What’s more, eye creams are formulated to address fine lines from frequent squinting and eye movements, and puffy eyes and dark circles. So, give your eyes the care they deserve. There are caviar products that make for some good eye TLC as well.

Dry Your Hair

People rarely think about their hair when it comes to pre-beauty-rest rituals. Or if they do, they don’t think twice about sleeping with wet hair. Just like in removing make-up, girls just don’t have the time to wait for their hair to dry.

But the reality is your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. So, it’s prone to breakage. That’s why it’s important to let it dry before going to sleep. Don’t keep it in a tight bun, as the tension from the ponytail may also lead to breakage.

Again, your beauty preps before hitting the sack is crucial. Make sure not to skip on these routines to perfect your beauty rest.

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