3 Pieces That Will Jazz Up Your Jewelry Collection

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Whether you’re looking to add new pieces to your collection or just starting to build one, the three ideas below can instantly elevate your jewelry stash and jazz up your classic pieces that can go from day to night.

Ring Enhancers

This type of customized jewelry is perhaps the most practical way to give your favorite ring a new look. Specialty jewelers, such as AAA Jewelers in Salt Lake City, can make these delicate ring enhancers to create a brand new look while keeping the original design of your ring intact.

Also known as ring guards and ring protectors, ring enhancers can instantly elevate the look of any ring as if it’s an entirely new piece without changing any part of the ring itself. Aside from creating a new look, it also protects the ring from nicks and scratches, and can also serve as a guard to keep a loose a fitting ring from constantly sliding off the finger and make sure it stays in place.

The best thing about this piece is it gives you the option to wear your ring as is or enhance the look of it with a different design, and you can even have different styles made for more options; it’s the easiest way to dress up an old time favorite and give it a fresh new look while keeping its original form.

Charming Pendants

Give your favorite necklace a personal touch by pairing it with a customized pendant — one that reflects your style. One of the best things about designing your own necklace pendant is having the freedom to

decide on the type of raw materials, its measurements, down to its shape and size.

woman wearing a pendant

A removable pendant is a very practical jewelry piece as you can use it with the different other necklaces in your collection or even use it as a charm for your favorite bangle or bracelet. Nothing is quite like a customized pendant as you can wear it pretty much any way you want to because it just matches pretty much every necklace, bracelet, or bangle in your collection.

It’s a no-fuss piece, just like a trusty LBD that you wear pretty much anywhere you go, and you can dress it down or dress it up, depending on the type of chain and bangle design you match it with.

The Perfect Earrings

This piece of jewelry is the best form of personal expression. Earrings appeal to both men and women and is easily an awesome piece of personal expression. Men who sport earrings will definitely love a bespoke piece that speaks of their personality and style.

It also makes a perfect gift for the special women in your life, celebrating special occasions and the milestones in their life. Earrings also make excellent heirloom pieces, so it’s considered a valuable investment.

When designing a pair for yourself, consider your daughter who can inherit the pair from you, or make it into something she can use on a special day, as her wedding day, so she can have something blue, something old, and something borrowed found in one special pair of blue sapphire earrings.

It’s also worth noting that quite nothing can pull a look together so chic and effortlessly than a pair of stunning earrings — and a bespoke one at that.

Whether you’re a long time collector or just starting, make sure to include these three items in your list of jewelry pieces that will definitely amp up your collection.

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