Choosing the Right Wine for Your Dinner Party

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The menu has been finalised, and you are looking for the perfect wine for your celebration. Some of your guests could bring their wine gifts from the UK, Italy, Brazil or France, but do you know which one is a perfect combination for the dishes to be served. The food may be great, but your guests will not be satisfied if your refreshments do not complement your excellent food.

Putting a Sparkle in Your Guests’ Eyes
The flesh of grapes is the source for sparkling wine—a kind of wine made famous by names such as Prosecco and Champagne. Sparkling wine goes perfectly with certain flavours.

For instance, cured meats and sweet and fruity appetisers are perfect for Prosecco. They go well with exotic servings like Thai noodles. Because of the acidity and dryness of Champagne, they go well with shellfish and pickled vegetables. Champagne is citrusy while Prosecco is more flowery. The flavours associated with Champagne are almond, toast and white peach. Meanwhile, Prosecco’s flavour profile is associated with honeysuckle, green apple, hazelnut and vanilla.

Dig Deeper in Luxurious Wine Country in France

An important occasion deserves to be remembered and honoured with the best things money can buy. You have to make the right choice, or else suffer awful feedback from your guests. Knowledge of wine helps in the search for beverages.

If you are prepared to invest in Champagne—the official drink of celebration–then you should know Champagne is a region in France, Northeast of Paris, where great sparkling wine comes from. The climate there is perfect for such undertakings, and they have enough caves to accommodate casks and bottles of fermenting grape juice. Unlike other wines, it is not named after the grape. Champagne utilises three different types of grapes—Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The product is produced using ‘méthode champenoise’, and it is regulated strictly. It is a costly method, which is one of the reasons Champagne is an expensive drink.

The Pride of a Village in Italy

Prosecco is not as luxurious as Champagne, but your guests will still adore you for the choice. A small Italian village takes pride in being the originator of Prosecco wine. The Veneto region holds the exclusive rights to the Prosecco name, and like its French counterpart, it is protected. The method for producing the wine is not as costly as that of Champagne. Known as the tank method, it allows for efficient and fast production. This is one of the reasons for Processo’s more affordable cost.

An Ongoing Debate

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There is an ongoing debate between Prosecco and Champagne. You will find a lot of arguments online about these wines. The rebuttals go back and forth, and it is highly probable there is no real winner. After all, each wine has its merits. The choice is yours. What kind of flavour profile goes well with the food you are going to serve?

When you are ready to choose, it does not hurt to ask a wine expert for a recommendation. You only want the best for your guests, so find the best one that suits the ocassion and will make everyone feel they want a toast for your celebration!

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