Diving into the World of Wearable Technology

Wearable tech
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Some people like to buy ready-to-wear clothes from their favorite wardrobe stores, while others go the customized route. For the latter, some choose to sew their own fabric and make stunning pieces out of them. If you want a simpler approach, you can take some of your plain shirts and personalize them with custom screen printing. If you so desire, you can put a picture of your kid or your own design and proudly wear that.

When someone asks you to quickly get up to your room and change, what clothes will you get from your closet? That most probably will be your go-to attire, something that you are comfortable with and would only take you seconds to decide to pick. Many people still like the classic combination of a shirt and a pair of jeans, or some choose to go the laid-back route and pick up their pajamas. Either way, it can reveal a lot about one’s personality. And that all ties to the purpose of fashion, which has gone a long way. Expressing yourself can now be tied to technology, as evidenced by the wearable gadgets that we have today.

The Accepted

There is no doubt that the most popular type of wearable technology today is the smartwatch. As the name suggests, this is a device that wraps around your wrist and provides you with the time and then some. Some follow the design philosophy of the smartphones of today, which means having a face that is made up of mostly of a touchscreen. There are others still designed as the traditional digital watches that you know and love, but with additional features such as GPS and health monitoring.

Smartwatches are big with many fitness enthusiasts, as they often let you count how many miles you have jogged or monitor your heart rate. Having pieces of information like these allows them to adjust their workout programs accordingly.

The Quirky

There are quirky ways of how technology is implemented in wearable items. For those who are into clubbing, there are clothes out there that have embedded lights in them. When the lights go out, you become the life of the party. Those flashing animated figures on your shirt will be a sight to behold for your fellow party-goers.

For something more experimental, there were attempts to incorporate augmented reality into eyewear. This was meant to be used to provide you with information, such as the weather, and have it displayed in front of you at all times. There is also a camera built into the frame that can feed you data on objects it can recognize. For example, you can go to a grocery store and just stare at QR codes to know a product’s details like its price.

The Future

Close up of smart phone being used

Looking into the future, you have to ask yourself: when it comes to wearable technology, do you want it to be more wearable or feature more technology? Right now, there is still a clear disparity between the two, but the tech side needs to continue its refinement. There are interesting developments out there now, such as organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens that are thin and flexible. Something that could wrap around any part of your body would make an interesting wearable product.

Whether you like it or not, wearable technology is here to stay. People have started to get used to it and are seeing the benefits. Several years down the road, you will have options other than smartwatches, and they will surely come feature-packed.

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