Wedding Trends That You Should Consider For Your Special Day

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Weddings can be great events but the pressure to make it memorable can be stressful. If you want to make it easier for you, here are some upcoming trends that you could adopt as your own. They can be a great way to spark some ideas of your own. With the help of your wedding team, you should expect some interesting results for your special day.

Going Minimalist

Many people are going for a more minimalist approach when it comes to their wedding. No more grand affairs with over-large decorations. Couples now want quiet affairs that focus on the emotions and significance of the event. It also helps that it is much cheaper and requires only a small guest list. You can expect a small affair with only the closest family and friends. The wedding party should not be more than 40 people which makes it much easy to manage when it is time to organize everything.

If you want to go minimalist with your wedding, a good place to start is with your dress. Though many women dream of white gowns that make them look like princesses, a simple gown with clean lines can be just as impressive. Work with your bridal store to look for a dress that works on you. While they don’t have the wow factor of bigger gowns, they can help focus the attention on the bride.

Minimalism can then extend to other things. Instead of being full of decorations everywhere, you can tone it down a bit. Only have the necessary decor. This can save you time and money in the long run. Additionally, you can focus on a monochrome color palette. Pick the color for your wedding and have most of the furnishings be in that color. This can be interesting considering the next tip.

Go Blue

The old wedding saying requires that the bride wear something blue but you can extend that a bit. Officially the color of the year, blue can be a great color theme for your wedding. Pantone describes it as classic blue, which is somewhere between midnight blue and sky blue. The color is incredibly lovely and works well for a nice peaceful look. It can be festive in its way, too.

As for its use, you can start by making it the primary color of most of the stationery for the wedding. That sets the color theme and you can extend it to various other items. This can include bridesmaid dresses to even small items in the decorations. A unifying color is a great move and will look impressive in the pictures.

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Be More Thoughtful

It might sound trite but a wedding that thinks about others can make you and your partner feel better. One good way to do it is by choosing a sustainable wedding. Weddings, even small ones, are events that create a lot of waste. Taking steps to reduce that waste while also saving your resources in different ways. For example, instead of buying a new ring, consider resetting old heirloom rings. Other things you can do is to ensure that your caterer uses local foods and prioritized sustainability in their choice of menu.

It is not only the big things that you can be thoughtful about. You should also think about the comfort of your guests for the wedding. If you have guests who have handicaps, provide them with as much mobility access as possible. Consider their dietary needs, too. You might have vegetarians, vegans, and other guests who have restrictions on what they eat. Providing them with the right food options can be a great way to show that you care about them.

Go Green With Your Floral Decor

Many weddings are full of flowers and floral arrangements. But you should turn that around. Instead of the flowers themselves, consider the greenery and foliage as the decor. This non-standard approach can be very effective. Greens can look great against the background. They are not as visually loud as flowers. If you do want flowers for your wedding, then you might consider non-standard choices. Unique wedding blossoms like black roses and anthuriums can make it more memorable when you walk down the aisle.

Do It At Home

Instead of renting a venue, there can be no better place for your wedding than at home. If you have a childhood home that you want to be part of your memories again or you want your new place to have something memorable, coordinating this event should be much easier since you completely control the venue.

Weddings won’t stop despite whatever is happening. Plan your wedding with the latest trends so that you can have something nice to remember for this year.

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