Loving Fashion and Arts: Ways to Earn From Your Passion

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For the longest time, kids who love fashion and art are told that they wouldn’t earn enough money from their passion. This belief tends to be common in Asian families, but no race is immune to this prejudice. Even children from well-developed countries are hindered from reaching their dreams, because “there’s more money” in conventional careers, like accountancy, architecture, engineering, and the like.

Thankfully, society is now more open to diverse career fields. Artists are now more respected and given better opportunities. This change encourages people who didn’t pursue their passion to give it go again. Some even went as far as giving up their high-paying careers, because their true love is the arts.

Fashion and art are two fields a creative person may be passionate about. But a fashion lover’s career path typically leads to business. Renowned fashion designers like Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, and Donatella Versace have all taken that path. But what if you just want your art to be celebrated in fashion? After all, not everyone is interested in building an empire and leading a multinational organization. Many artists thrive in a peaceful, quiet life instead.

Here are some ways to earn good money from your fashionable and artistic passion:

1. Sell Prints of Your Art

You can reproduce pieces of your artworks and offer them to businesses, or sell them directly. If you choose the former, your art can be subject to different ways of printing or manufacturing. One business can sell it as a wall decor item, while another can use it for their graphic tee designs. But you can also do either or both if you’d rather sell directly. Since you love fashion, you can start your own line of tees and T-shirts, with your art printed on the garments. A high-quality screen printing service can make that happen for you.

However, starting a fashion brand will get you in business, and soon you may find yourself dealing with more managerial tasks than creating art. To stay focused on your craft, delegate your managerial duties to skilled managers when you’re ready.

2. Grow Your Online Following

Being well-known on social media can earn you exciting deals and sponsorship from brands related to your field. Post your creations on your pages as often as you can, and interact with your followers. The more active you are on social media, the bigger your audience can become. In no time, brands will come across your page and collaborate with you.

Your social media presence may also get you noticed by popular artists. That gives you an opportunity to grow your professional network. You may even get to invite famous artists or fashion designers to your studio.


3. Raise Money for Charity

Sharing your blessings will pay you back tenfold. Consider hosting a fundraising program for charity. Sell your art and/or clothing designs for the benefit of a group that’s severely affected by the pandemic, for example. That’s what stylists Anna Rosa Vitiello and Bettina Looney did. They co-coordinated a wardrobe clear out to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders and Help Them Help Us charities. Fashion can be the perfect vehicle for giving back, according to Looney.  She and Vitiello also worked with small brands to aid their fundraising.

Helping people in need will boost your reputation and encourage people to support you. You can give your customers confidence that they’re buying from a brand that has a strong social responsibility.

4. Become a Celebrity Stylist

Speaking of stylists, dressing up celebrities is a great career choice for someone like you. If you have zero connections in the Hollywood industry, don’t worry; many celebrity stylists started out that way. To make your way to their network, secure an internship at a fashion house or agency. There you’ll find famous stylists to intern for. As their assistant, you can join them in their gigs and learn valuable on-the-job skills.

But that’s not your ticket to a Hollywood star’s closet yet. To be a celeb’s personal stylist, you have to make a name for yourself, and not just be your boss’ shadow. So build your Lookbook and show off your styling skills there.

Once you’re in the industry, you have to live and breathe fashion to succeed. So attend all fashion shows, keep up with the trends, and study the styles of the celebrities you want to work with. Regularly research what’s new in the fashion and styling world. When you’ve finally graduated from being an intern, prepare to hustle. Being a celebrity stylist is one of the most demanding careers in the world!

All these artistic endeavors can make your name well-known and earn you a generous income. Break the stereotype that artists don’t make enough. Your love for both art and fashion can give you one of the best and most coveted jobs in the world.

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