A Women’s Guide to Taking Care of Long Hair

woman with long hair
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Having long hair is something fun to have. For one, you get to try numerous hairstyles, from straight, sleek curls, waves, to long braids. Feeling a little shy? You need to let that long fair down. But at the same time, such length often requires a lot more care than shorter ones. Having healthy long hair isn’t only a sign of beauty but also positivity and confidence.

It also aims to prevent premature hair loss and is a clear sign that your overall well-being is functioning in the healthiest way possible. Your hair’s health is essential for both your physical and mental wellness, so it only makes sense to take it seriously. Let’s explore some of the simple ways you can better take care of your long hair.

  1. Get yourself the right brush

Not many know that the brush they use plays a huge role in their long hair’s health. To minimize breakage and keep the hair shaft smooth, it’s advisable to use a wet brush or a boar bristle one. A wet brush is an ideal option as it doesn’t put stress on your hair strands as its bristles will bend around tangles.

On the other hand, brushes with boar bristles are often made of natural fiber, which helps minimize friction. That means hair strands won’t be pulled out and get caught in knots. As for the right way of brushing, it’s recommended to start from down to up instead of starting at the top down to the ends. This can help minimize damage as the roots won’t feel any pressure.

  1. Opt for an all-natural hair supplement

This is another excellent way to keep your long hair healthy. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to hair loss. You can boost hair follicles production by increasing your vitamin D intake. Vitamin A also promotes hair follicle health and gives more hydration, keeping your scalp moisturized.

To minimize free radical damage and promote healthy hair growth, the antioxidants from vitamins C and E would be helpful. If you’re experiencing hair loss, vitamin B helps improve growth. Eat foods rich in such vitamins to improve hair health. Some of the best options include eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados, and Greek yogurt. Fatty fish like salmon and lean proteins are also great options.

  1. Go for low-heat settings

As you might have already known, overheating your hair is never a healthy thing to do. Excessive blow-drying can damage your hair. If you can’t rein in how you often use a blow-dry, you need to be extra careful with how you use it. Try applying heat protection products before using a blow-dry. When hair-drying, you’d also want to keep the nozzles two inches away from your hair strands.

For best results, the blow-dryer’s nozzles should be pointed straight down. If you can dry your hair naturally, that would be better. Other types of hair tools you should avoid using too often include crimpers, hot rollers, flat irons, and curling irons.

  1. Have styling done by experts

Are you someone who loves to style or color your hair? It’s important to have it done by a reputable hair specialist. An experienced hairdresser or color specialist knows what products and tools to use and the right process to follow. Surely, you don’t want to risk your hair’s health by styling and coloring your hair without proper skills and knowledge, right? Find a specialist with experience in the field and quality products and tools. Most hair salons and professionals already have their own websites that you can visit. Check for the services they offer and the quality of customer care by reading feedback from previous clients.

  1. Pick the right hairbands

If you love putting your hair up or doing a ponytail, you need to start paying attention to the hairbands you use too. Obviously, a rubber band is not recommended to promote hair damage. Instead, utilize a coated band to pull your hair back. These bands are designed to protect the hair from becoming brittle or damaged.

One of the best types of ties to prevent breakage are the telephone cord ties. The spiral design of these bands can spread out the hair pressure and reduce the dreaded ponytail bump. Silk scrunchies are also best for delicate hair as silk can minimize tangles and friction. Plus, it can also help prevent split ends and breakage.

Wearing strong and shiny long hair can contribute to your overall well-being and boost your self-esteem. You get to minimize split ends and breakage, possess a clean scalp, and have great-looking hair without spending a fortune on products or hair salons. If you’re experiencing unusual hair problems like severe hair loss, we highly recommend consulting your doctor for advice.


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