Fail-Proof Tips to Get the Respect You Deserve at Work

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People go through many stages as they navigate their professional careers. And, one thing’s for sure: as we go through the ups and downs of professional life, there will be days when we just don’t look pulled-together. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to spend all that time and effort getting spiffed up for work. You may as well face it—you won’t always look as presentable as you did on your first day at work or during your interview when you were out to impress. And that’s alright, on occasion. But, if you have aspirations of becoming employee of the month, a high-powered lady boss, or even of opening up your own venture some day, it pays to look the part. It boosts your self-confidence, after all, when you look your best.

One of the easiest ways to always look well put together is to get permanent make up in Utah or in whichever city you live. For the ease and convenience, you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Why do you need to spend an hour every morning putting on makeup if you can sleep and wake up looking the same, right?

Of course, this is only one way of putting your best foot forward at work. Your looks are only one part of the equation. You must also conduct yourself respectfully to gain the admiration of your bosses and peers.

Be Punctual

You can have the worst day of your life but remember to be punctual, at all times. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, make sure you arrive on time for work, meetings, and presentations. It shows your commitment to your job. It shows that you respect your co-workers’ time.

Fight through the Bad Days

Everybody has bad days. It’s how you fight through these days that will separate you from the rest of the pack. You can’t snap at people when you’re tired and hungry and confused. Keep it positive. Keep the bad thoughts at bay. Don’t bring your problems to work. Learn how to compartmentalize. Focus on the tasks at hand. Your problems are not your co-workers’ problems.

Dress for the Job


Always look your best when going to work. Don’t be sloppy with the way you dress. Don’t go to work looking disheveled and harassed. There are far too many people who want the same opportunities you have. Show that you respect your job by always looking professional.

Lend Others a Hand

When your co-workers ask for help, don’t be afraid to lend a hand, even to a person you’re competing with for a promotion. Show that you can be a team player. There’s nothing worse than a workmate who only knows how to compete and not how to nurture relationships. It wouldn’t kill you to be friends with your co-workers.

Learn From Your Mistakes

The first step to truly learning from your mistakes is admitting to them. The best employees are not those who don’t ever make mistakes, but those who show the willingness to learn and grow from them. You can make mistakes and be the best by admitting to your errors and learning from them.

When you show respect to your bosses and peers, they will typically reciprocate that respect. The mark of a true professional is earning respect through your actions.

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