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Designs help make shirts unique and sometimes, we run out of ideas. There are easy ways to do it and someone in Utah can partner with screen printing businesses to save on costs, speed up the processes, or just simply ensure quality. The design process can be tedious and here are the basic things you can consider when it comes to your shirt designs:

Understand Your Market

You can do whatever you want, but you need to know your audience. Understand what they like, so you can come up with ideas that will help make your shirts sellable. If you are going to sell in bulk, then you need to make sure the designs are easy to reproduce and you have suppliers who can offer you cheaper prices.

The Material of Your Shirts

Choose the type of fabric for your shirts carefully. The most common is cotton, and then there’s linen, polyester, and so much more. There might be reactions to the ink or paint used on the shirts due to the type of fabric. Even similar brands of paints can have different compositions for each color because pigments have different sources. Make sure you do some experimentation to ensure that the output will be of good quality.

Use Lively Colors

Colors should mix and match well. You can use the color wheel as a basis for matching colors. Complementary colors are the ones opposite with each other, such as green and red. This way, you don’t create an eyesore. Use high-quality textile paints to ensure that the colors don’t change once applied to your shirts. The text and image colors should not conflict.

Placement of Design

The size of the shirt should be considered when it comes to where you will place the design or text. There are no specific rules, but consider making a focal point with balance. Placing a heart-shaped design can be strategic if located near the left side of the chest.

Create Art

A work of art makes everything very unique. This means they won’t easily have someone with the same shirt as they do. You can also partner with an artist or check Instagram pages and see if maybe you can do a collaborative effort with them. Artists can also give you brilliant ideas you might have never thought of before.

Use Bold Statements

Humor can be a good example of something that you can incorporate into your shirts. You can also put quotes or expressions. This makes it easier for people to relate to the shirts. Once the emotional connection is established, it then turns into a purchase.

Have a Purpose

If you have an idea that you want to relay, convey it through the shirts. Most charitable organizations do this on their shirts for raising funds. Always remember that the purpose should be clear and concise, so your audience can easily understand it.

Brand Them

Brand your shirt so that everyone who sees it will know that it is something made by you or your business. It also helps in getting your works noticed. You can use a special mark or tag that can come with your shirts, which can also add to the entire look of the shirt.


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Try to check out some new materials and new paints that you can use for your shirts. You can even add metal studs and tiny crystals. It is important to be updated with styles and textures that you can add. People love something exciting. Some even include LED on their shirts so that it can produce lighted images, messages, or patterns.

Starting a shirt business can be stressful. The design is really important so that you can stand out from the competition. Once you find the right designs for your shirts, you can start planning for shipping and watching inventory.

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