Three Ways Social Media Has Changed the Way We Plan Weddings

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If there’s one thing that has slowly become a staple in weddings, it has to be social media. Ceremonies today are no longer complete without the couple hashtags. There’s also the real-time posting of wedding guests that even people who aren’t physically there can witness the exchange of vows.

But social media isn’t just a huge part of the event itself. It’s used way before everything comes to life: in the wedding planning. Here are the ways this tool has changed the way people prepare for the most romantic day of their lives.

There are inspirations everywhere.

Ideas for the table setting? Color palette for the reception stage? Unique designs for bridal dresses? All of these are on social media — Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Modern-day couples never run out of concepts, so much so that the problem in planning has shifted from what exactly to do to what exactly to choose.

The abundance of ideas sometimes makes it hard to decide and settle. If ever you feel stuck though, go back to the vision board and your list of priorities, so you can easily eliminate options.

Another thing you need to watch out for when you have so many inspirations is the tendency to have unrealistic expectations. Understand that the things you see online are put together like that out of a specific budget. If stealing the look is your aim, it’s likely that you’ll need to make some splurges.

There’s less stress in dealing with vendors.

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With social media, you can do a lot of research in the aspect of hiring vendors, as well. You can easily see the portfolio of potential suppliers in their official pages. You can learn about their roster of clients. You can compare works from one vendor to another without a hassle. Sometimes, you can even see the price information and include that in comparisons.

Talking to vendors comes easy, too, with social media. When instructing vendors about specific details to tweak, couples don’t need to go to the restaurant or the dress shop. Sending a picture of your new ideas through the group chat will be enough. Even if the designer of the bridal dresses is in Orem or at the other side of the world, brides can easily coordinate.

It’s much easier to connect with loved ones.

When breaking the news of your engagement, couples video call loved ones. When sending out invites, they go paperless and use video. Social media has made communication to family less hassle. The only downside to this is the fact that loved ones can easily “annoy” you with their unsolicited advice.

To avoid this, make your expectations clear to your family and friends from the get-go. Tell them that you appreciate their recommendations for this and that bridal gown, but at the end of the day, it’s your call. Then, remind them politely that you have a limited budget, which means limited ability to accommodate more guests. That said, plus-ones have to be let go.

There’s no doubt that social media plays a huge role in weddings, but not just in the actual ceremony but way prior. Use social media wisely in your planning. Best wishes!

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