Interment Options for Cremated Remains

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Death in the past was mostly a taboo subject that most people chose to ignore. Thankfully, this is no longer the case nowadays. It is even now possible to pre-plan your funeral. This route significantly eases the burden of your demise on your loved ones and allows you to have the funeral you desire.

Most people are opting for cremation over conventional burial nowadays. This is primarily because cremation is inexpensive, convenient and generally regarded as an eco-friendly option.

Unlike in a conventional burial, a funeral home in Clearfield also has a range of options for the interment of your cremated remains. Here are these interment options.

Cemetery Burials

You can choose to buy a cemetery plot and have your remains buried here in much the same way as a traditional burial. A cemetery burial generally includes religious rites and memorial prayers at the graveside.

Since the remains are buried in a small container, most funeral homes allow the burial of multiple remains in one plot. You can hence choose to have one plot for you and your loved ones if they also wish to be cremated.

Most funeral homes will also require the urn holding your remains to be held in an urn vault for burial so that the ground does not sink over the urn.

Urn Garden Burial

This resembles the cemetery burial. Unlike the latter, however, an urn garden is dedicated explicitly for cremated remains. The gardens feature different landscape elements including fountains, benches, and rocks.

You can choose to be buried near any of your preferred design elements based on your budgets. If you so wish, you can have the area of your urn burial marked with a grave marker or headstone.

Columbarium Burial

A columbarium refers to a building which houses cremated remains. It comprises small wall spaces known as niches which hold the urns. Should you opt for a columbarium burial, you will first sign a few papers before you are allocated a niche.

After the interment of your remains, an identification mark is placed on the niche. Some couples opt to get niches next to each other while families can get those in a row.

Private Land Burial

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If you own land, you can choose to have your remains buried here. Other people opt to have their remains scattered over their favorite area in the land. Before choosing a private land burial, however, you should check your state regulations and ensure the scattering or burial is allowed.

Sea Burial

In most states, a sea interment of your cremated remains is allowed without prior permission. The EPA guidelines allow the interment not less than three nautical miles from the lowest water line. They also require you to use a biodegradable urn for the burial which will break down quickly in water.

Other than the above burial options, you can choose to have your remains in an urn with your loved ones. The ashes can also be made into various items including glass, and diamonds. Though this might be more expensive than their burial, the glass and diamonds can be made into jewelry sets and other artwork.

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