The Best Colored Gemstones to Pair with White Gold Wedding Bands

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Your wedding band is the highest symbol of commitment to your partner. When shopping for it, there are many aspects you should consider. One of the often overlooked aspects is matching the wedding band to the engagement ring.

Your future wife will, after all, want to wear both of the rings after your wedding. To ensure this is possible, most couples will look for a wedding band design which fits the engagement ring’s stone.

Though this is commendable, you should also ensure the band you select among the white gold wedding rings for her matches the engagement ring’s stone color. White gold is minimalist and to make it stand out, getting a colored gemstone for the engagement ring is prudent.

Here are some of the colored gems that pair well with white gold wedding bands.

Colored Diamonds

These are a welcome twist to traditional diamonds. Being one of the hardest gemstones available, a diamond is the best symbol of the resilience of your love and will resist dents better than other gems.

Diamonds also have excellent light dispersion and brilliance which will make the minimalist white gold band pop. Sparkling pink, canary yellow, eye-catching black, champagne and pastel green are some of your colored diamond alternatives.


These are renowned as royalty gemstones and hence fit for your queen. Although generally associated with blue, sapphires are available in all colors other than red.

These gemstones also show pleochroism meaning they can display two different colors based on someone’s viewing angle. The hardness rating of sapphires is nine making them one of the hardest gemstones after natural diamonds.


Emerald jewelry

These are considered jewels of kings. Emeralds are available in a gorgeous green color which ranges from a light to a dark hue. With a hardness rating of eight, they can withstand dents though they need utmost care.

The fractures and inclusions of emeralds make each gemstone unique, but these can also affect its durability and clarity. As such, filler and oil treatments are used to enhance the gem’s durability and clarity.


These make a sizzling statement on your wife’s fingers with their red corundum variety. Rubies have the same hardness rating as sapphires though they undergo more extensive enhancements and treatments than the latter.

The rarity and durability of rubies make them a befitting option for engagement rings. To truly make your rings stand out, you can have a ruby centerpiece encircled by diamonds to match your white gold wedding band.


These are a popular and pretty alternative to diamonds. Amethyst is available in color ranges from a deep purple to light lavender with no cleavage planes and hardness ratings of 7.

Amethysts are often linked with calming passions and might seem odd for engagement rings. They, however, also represent a deep and enduring commitment.

The colored gemstones mentioned above are certain to turn a white gold wedding band into a design statement. Your choice will be guided by your budget and your loved one’s preferred color. All these gemstones will, however, make a perfect symbol of the start of your life together.

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