Key Pointers for Planning a Winter Micro-wedding

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There is something incredibly romantic and atmospheric about a winter wedding—dreamy, snow-filled pictorials, holiday-themed design elements, whimsical glitter, and bold decor.

But as beautiful as it is in theory, a winter wedding can also go sideways really fast, especially if the couple fails to plan. If you and your partner are tying the knot in winter, here are some key tips and tricks to ensure that it’s the winter wonderland fairytale you’ve always dreamed of.

Visit the venue at night

There are plenty of wedding reception venues that look incredible during winter, especially in states with snow. However, since a winter wedding automatically entails less light, you need to ensure that your wedding venue still looks great even when the sun’s gone down. Inspect the kind of evening lighting they have to make sure that it’s not too harsh and that their lighting exudes warmth, openness, and coziness. You can also bring your photographer along so that they can plan their shots. Ideally, you should visit the venue when a winter wedding is taking place to grasp how your big day will look.

Negotiate every possible deal

Since winter weddings are typically off-season, and the world is currently going through a pandemic and a recession, you might be able to negotiate more deals than you would if you’re having a spring or summer wedding or if COVID-19 weren’t a thing. Since not many couples get married from December to February, you can have your choice of some of the best suppliers for your specific date.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate a better deal, whether it’s something extra that the suppliers can throw in for free or even money-off. Just be sure not to set your date too near to Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s Day because the rates for those dates might be higher than usual.

Have a Plan B for extreme weather

Those cozy snow-filled wedding photos you see on Pinterest? They don’t always tell the whole story. They might look good on camera, but you don’t know that the couple was practically freezing to death or that the hem of the bride’s wedding dress was soaked. The idea of snow on your wedding day might be romantic and dreamy, but it could pose so much inconvenience for you and your guests.

Are the parking spaces enough? Will people have access to heated rooms? How about travel time; will you be able to give your guests enough time to drive in case of a snowstorm? These are the questions you need to answer to ensure that the day goes smooth-sailing despite extreme weather. Being able to foresee potential problems can help you mitigate them.

Inspect the venue’s heating

Speaking of heating, you have to ensure that the venue has adequate heating for you and your guests. Ask the venue owners what their plans are for outdoor heating, especially if your guests might want some fresh air. If you have an outdoor wedding, that’s crucial as well. You can also ask your caterer to have a steady stream of hot cocoa, mulled wine, or coffee if the guests want to warm their bodies during the ceremony.

Make sure to seat elderly guests away from doorways or open windows, and if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, make sure that they’re positioned near the outdoor heater.

Choose one venue for your ceremony and reception

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Plenty of wedding venues offer multiple spaces for different functions. Since you’re contending with the possibility of snow, having your guests drive from one venue to the next might be too stressful. Keeping your guests comfortable in one place will also incentivize them to stay for both the ceremony and the reception.

Layer up!

For you, your partner, and your entourage, capes and faux furs could be a chic way to keep warm. Tuxedo-style jackets with lining can also be a great way to keep the men warm throughout the wedding and reception.

Don’t forget to remind your guests to come in their best winter coats and formal thermal jackets if they’re the type to find the cold unbearable. If you’re having your ceremony outdoors, be honest with your guests about that. The last thing you want is to give your guests terrible memories from your big day. You can also provide extra coats that they can borrow, in case some guests forget to bring their own.

Have fun

And lastly, don’t forget to have fun! It’s your big day, and you and your partner deserve to celebrate it as best as you can. With enough planning, a winter wonderland wedding can be the romantic, unforgettable day you’ve always wished for. Congratulations and best wishes!

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