Leisure and Recreation in the New Normal: What Activities to Engage In

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There’s no denying the impact of the COVID-19 on every individual and family. At the onset of the crisis, the lockdowns, quarantine, and other pandemic restrictions forced many households to stay indoors.

It’s good that lockdowns have now gotten lifted, and the pandemic restrictions have become lighter. Along with this is the fact that vaccinated individuals have started going outdoors. It seems like we’re gradually going back to normalcy.

But while the COVID-19 crisis is here to stay, we cannot be lenient and complacent. Still, staying indoors is the best way to protect ourselves from the threat of the various strains of the novel coronavirus. As such, you should continue to find ways and means to have fun and enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home.

That said, here are leisure and recreational activities to engage in during this pandemic:

Organic meal being made in modern kitchen on induction cooktop

1. Cooking and Baking

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than spending quality time in the kitchen. As the head of the household, you are responsible for preparing meals for the whole family. So while at it, what better way to do than to take your cooking prowess to the next level? It’s time to explore new dishes and experiment with some foods. If you’d like to take a different route, consider venturing into the art of baking. You can produce cakes and baked goods for your spouse and kids. You can even go as far as selling them for money.

2. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts have proven effective at helping individuals and families cope with the pandemic. Why? Whether drawing, painting, sculpting, calligraphy, or scrapbooking, they are best for health and overall well-being. Not only do they keep you busy and preoccupied, but they can also boost your imagination and creativity. Thus, arts and crafts can help foster your mental health during this pandemic.

3. Indoor Games and Outdoor Sports

When we talk about leisure and recreation, playing comes to mind instantly. However, individuals and families find it hard to pursue their hobbies and interests during this pandemic. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives for you and your family. For indoor games, you and your kids can engage in board games. Instead of getting hooked online, doing so allows your family to spend quality time with each other. On the other hand, you can play outdoor sports in your backyard as long as you have a vast space. For instance, you can invest in rackets and shuttlecocks and play badminton outside your house.

4. Home Makeover Projects

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, many individuals and families have spent most of their time indoors. Even if the pandemic restrictions have become lighter, they have preferred to stay indoors. As such, home improvement projects have surged during this pandemic. If you haven’t done so yet, consider boosting your kitchen’s aesthetics, functionality, and safety. You can also turn your bathrooms into Zen or spa rooms. Lastly, you can allow your kids to have a DIY project for their bedroom makeover. Let them turn them into a gaming room, a dedicated study area, or a workspace.

5. Tradesman Work

Aside from home renovation and house remodeling, you can pay attention to some of your house parts or systems. On top of these are your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, gutter, and roofing systems. From there, you can perform DIY tradesman work, whether inspection, maintenance, or repair. As long as you have the knowledge and skills, these projects will be successful. To turn these projects into leisure and recreation, be sure to get every family member involved. Ultimately, doing so will be fun and exciting.

6. Outdoor Landscaping and Home Gardening

During the pandemic restrictions, you have most likely performed home improvement projects. But this time around, it’s a good idea to go beyond your house and focus on your outdoor space. You can perform outdoor landscaping or work with professional contractors. If you opt for the latter, consider the credentials of the landscaping company, including their environmental management certification. Keep this in mind, especially if they’ll carry out home gardening. Once you have a garden in place, your family can go ahead and enjoy home gardening.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you now know how to have fun and enjoy yourself amid the COVID-19 crisis. Be sure to consider the leisure and recreational activities recommended above, from baking and cooking down to outdoor landscaping and home gardening. Not only are these activities fun and exciting, but they are also worthwhile and productive to pursue. Ultimately, they can help you and your family get by in the so-called ‘new normal.’

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