What Supplies Do You Need for a Post-Pandemic Mudroom?

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The pandemic has brought mudrooms back in style. A mudroom is a space where family members can keep their coats, boots, and supplies so that they don’t track mud or snow throughout the house.

It also serves as a buffer between the indoors and the outdoors.

During a COVID-19 surge, a mudroom can function as a sanitation station. It’s a great way to keep your home clean and safe from disease-causing viruses and bacteria that can enter and infect your loved ones.

To set up a mudroom, you’ll need some basic supplies.

Shoe Drawers

The pandemic proved that bringing your shoes indoors is unsanitary. The practice of leaving outdoor footwear by the door is a practice more commonly associated with Asian and some European households. However, it should be adopted everywhere because it keeps germs and bacteria outside of the home.

It should be located by the door, not very far away from the entrance to minimize the contact shoes will have with the rest of the house. It should also be sized to hold everyone’s shoes — not just adults, but children too.

Just like it sounds, a boot tray is used for your wet and dirty boots. It’s usually made from metal and can sit in front of or below the shoe drawer. This is a great way to dry your boots and prevent them from molding over time.

In addition, place a mat indoors by the front door to make it more comfortable for guests to remove their footwear when they come in.

Wipeable Surfaces

You’ll need surfaces that can be easily wiped down and disinfected with antibacterial scrub. Any surface should serve this purpose: counters, tables, chairs — even the floor itself! It’s best to use wipeable materials such as plastic or stainless steel.

Handwashing or Alcohol Sanitizer Station

This station is a must-have when it comes to containing germs and preventing the spread of diseases. Keep one station in your mudroom for anyone who enters your home, and add more in other rooms where there’s high foot traffic like living rooms or family rooms.

To set up this station, you’ll need an alcohol gel dispenser connected to countertops, paper towels, or dryers mounted on walls next to or below the station. You can also install a small sink.

This will allow you and your guests to easily access a sink for handwashing or alcohol sanitizer to kill potential germs that you may have brought in from outdoors. This will vastly reduce your chances of touching any more surface areas in your home with potentially dirty hands.

Provide alcohol sanitizing wipes, too, to use for disinfecting plastic bags and other items you have brought into your home.

Storage Bins

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Another common surface in a mudroom is a large storage bin for coats and shoes. This can be made even more convenient with a bench so guests have a place to sit while they change their footwear.

You can add hooks on the front of this bench or add an overhang that provides you with enough space to hang up your coat, scarf, and hat when you come in from outdoors.

In addition, build this station near wall outlets so there’s no need to worry about finding empty spaces for hanging up all these items. This will serve as a place where you can dump coins, keys, wallets, and face coverings.


You’ll also need lighting fixtures installed overhead or attached to walls. You want bright lights that can illuminate any corner of your mudroom. This ensures that it’s clear of any dirt or germs and that everyone can see well enough to remove their coats and shoes without tripping over anything.

In addition, look for lights that have motion sensors, so they automatically turn on when someone walks by them. These lights will quickly switch off after motion ceases, saving you energy.

Cleaning Supplies

Lastly, keep a shelf for all your cleaning supplies. This will let you get everything at once and quickly clean up any messes made in the room. It’s best to store them near where they’ll be used so there’s no need to get up and down to collect what you need.

You’ll want disinfectants like bleach and isopropyl alcohol to scrub down surfaces.

Mudrooms are a great way to help contain the spread of germs and keep your home clean. With a boot tray, handwashing station, coat rack, storage bins, and antibacterial surfaces in place, you’ll be able to protect yourself from the elements as soon as you enter your house!


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