Be Efficient, Be Confident: Ways to Reduce Your Time for Preparation

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Confidence is a quality that will help you conquer your daily life, work responsibilities, and challenges. However, it requires effort, practice, and belief to accomplish high self-esteem. External factors will also play a critical role in building up your confidence, with your history, relationships, and environment, influencing how you look at yourself.

However, you will find that no other element can significantly boost your confidence other than your grooming routine. Before you go out every morning to perform work and errands, you will dedicate time to prepare your skincare products, fashion outfits, and other important details that come with your appearance and personality.

However, most people find that it can take hours before presenting themselves to colleagues, superiors, friends, and strangers. There are ways to be efficient in your routine while coming out with the same confidence as you did with longer hours of preparation, especially when making changes in these areas.

Wake Up Early

Most people use their morning routine to exude confidence. Taking a bath, using skincare products, and applying makeup usually take up about thirty minutes. Cooking and eating a meal increases the tally by up to an hour. Choosing work clothes, checking your phone, performing morning exercise, and traveling could add another hour to the process, making you late for reporting for duty. Traffic, late alarms, and other unpredictable factors could also cause delays.

The process might be why you want to reduce your time for preparation, especially when you notice that it can happen every day. However, you might not know what to sacrifice as of now. If you want to perform everything while making it to your duty on time, you will have to practice waking up early. To do that, you might have to sleep earlier than your usual bedtime. Preparing your clothes and shortening your breakfast routine will also be critical. Waking up earlier than usual might not feel like finding a shortcut, but it will allow you to be efficient with your morning routine.

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Seek Long-Term Solutions

Most of your morning rituals are necessary to the point that they cannot be sacrificed. If you want to pinpoint the one you can remove, it would be your skincare and makeup routine. However, eliminating them could make you less confident about yourself to the point that it affects your work. It will be necessary to perform them, but you can still find ways to shorten your grooming rituals.

Seek permanent makeup services to get rid of your eyebrow worries. Use multi-purpose products like 2-in-1 cleansers and moisturizers to reduce downtime. If curling your hair takes up too much time, you can get a perm. Removing most of your skincare and grooming routine can provide you with more time to focus on other preparatory tasks, helping you be efficient while staying confident.

Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

Your morning routine will be full of tasks that might make you feel exhausted for the rest of the day, but all of them are critical for your confidence. Your appearance will significantly affect your self-esteem, making grooming understandable as part of the unchangeable to-do list. However, it does not mean that you cannot shorten it. If you noticed that most of your routine involves covering eye bags, pimples, wrinkles, and excess fat, it means transitioning to a healthier lifestyle might be the key.

Getting rid of unhealthy food for a strict diet can make your skin feel vibrant, reducing your need to apply moisturizers and makeup. Getting fit through physical activities can also make you feel good about yourself enough to not worry about your fashion choices. Proper rest and sleep will significantly reduce aging signs. A healthy lifestyle might be a round-the-clock commitment, but it will reduce the time you dedicate to improving yourself in the morning. 

Work on Improving Self-Esteem

Despite your efforts for a healthier lifestyle, you might not be enjoying high self-esteem that allows you to conquer your day. If your appearance is not the issue, then you will have to change your mentality. Try to seek professional help, regardless if it is a therapist or a life coach. Hang out with your loved ones who appreciate and support who you are and what you are trying to achieve. Being efficient means that confidence should always be present, but you will not achieve it if you lack the self-esteem you can build on in your life.

It might take a lot of work to build up your confidence, but you will find that it will bring you closer to your goal every day. As long as you continue to improve, your preparation time will become shorter and shorter.

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