2021 Wedding Trends: Adding Spontaneity and Delight in Small Wedding Affairs

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The year 2020 was a tough year for the wedding and events industry. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned monumental as wedding businesses worldwide suffered from great losses, from designers, wedding planners, photographers, makeup artists, and event coordinators. Even couples faced the challenge of postponing wedding plans and honeymoon getaways.

The disruptions caused by the health crisis have made wedding planning anything but easy. It also affected how we normally approach eventful celebrations. But along with these changes comes newer expectations and creative wedding ideas. This year, we are seeing couples making everything more intentional, creating personalized details, and focusing on the ceremony.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have canceled a lot of wedding plans, but this will not prevent couples from making their dream weddings come into life. But before shopping for a wedding dress, you may want to know the hottest wedding trends that will dominate 2021 and the years beyond.

Bringing nature to your wedding

Because of physical distancing measures, it’s time to waive our plans for a big and lavish wedding. As the pandemic sent everyone inside their homes, we will see more outdoor affairs to satisfy the need for some fresh air.

This year is all about intimate and small-scale wedding affairs between close friends and families. To ensure the safety of the guests, open-air or outdoor spaces are great options for a wedding venue. As weddings become closer to nature, this will pave the way for a renewed appreciation for sustainable and locally sourced materials.

Weddings in backyards, gardens, and terraces will become a staple venue for small wedding affairs. We will also have loads of beach weddings than ever before, but there will be a few twists from the usual beach wedding standard. There will be no elaborate structures, floral urns, or ceremony arch. Everything is about simplicity and easygoing ceremonies. Others may even do a casual reception with an over-the-top dinner on dry land.

If you want the easiest and affordable option, partner with small artisan businesses, such as local vineyards, sustainable farmers, and bakers. You can also take inspiration in English garden vibes by applying lush, fresh, and whimsical floral installations. This is a great way to celebrate nature in a regal fashion.

Bold colors

Weddings have been sitting around in neutrals and creamy palettes. Although white is a staple color in traditional weddings, previous wedding trends gave way to pastel colors and blush weddings. But because of the simplicity of wedding affairs this year, couples can bring a nice twist and quirkiness to intimate gatherings by bringing new palettes, pops of color, statement hues, and print mixing.

The key to this trend is to make your wedding affair feel like home while daring to be spontaneous and different. Bold hues are still on-trend while mixing them with your favorite colors in unexpected places. For example, think of decors in vibrant and bold colors that lend a fantastical touch to decors. Stylistic centerpieces and dramatic candlelight displays are also great decors for the reception. You may also bring bold colors into multiple layers, such as linens, tables, china, and glassware. This approach will inspire vibrancy and joy in your wedding while keeping it low-key.

Extraordinary and transformative designs will also become a big hit for destination-inspired colors, textures, tastes, and experiences. You can try colorful tropical arrangements through lush greenery, accented deck tables, and trays of candies, and abundant fruits. Your goal is to immerse guests in multisensory experiences, music, blooms, and scents of your favorite destination. If you can’t go to your dream honeymoon location, why not bring it to your wedding?

Entertainment is still a must

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A year of endless podcasts, binge-watching Netflix, and long hours on Instagram got us all desperate for live entertainment. Having an intimate gathering is not an excuse not to have all-out entertainment at your reception. Allow guests to enjoy the wedding after-party without holding back.

Although dance floors are still restricted because of safety and physical distancing measures, couples can find other ways to add music, performances, and entertainment to their wedding. Delight guests with large bands, stand-up comedians, and other forms of alternative entertainment. No matter the scope and size of your wedding, entertainment is something you should never cut back.

Weddings in 2021 are all about intimate gatherings and going deep into the details. While these trends are great inspirations to spice up your wedding, make sure to apply your personal style to make it more reflective of you and your partner’s personality. But don’t forget to add an element of spontaneity to bring delight to your families and guests.


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