Essential Points for Saving Money on Fitness

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2021 is a good time to start being healthy. While vaccines are being rolled out, and we might see a return to normal soon, we also can’t deny that COVID-19 is not the only disease we need to contend with. There are plenty of degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and others. At the same time, we don’t need to spend a lot to stay healthy. Here are some essential pointers for saving money on fitness.

Choose your fitness apparel wisely

They say that one of the best ways to motivate yourself into working out is by dressing up for it. This is why workout clothes are always a good investment if you want to start being healthy. Here are some key tips for saving money on fitness apparel:

  • Invest in long-lasting and durable items. You might save a lot on more affordable pieces now, but if you have to keep buying every year, then you will still be spending more in the long run. Choose items that you know will last a long time. For example, bodybuilding apparel for men made of polyester tends to last longer than, say, 100 percent cotton because polyester is wrinkle-resistant, durable, non-absorbent, and lightweight. It’s perfect for moving and stretching your body, and you never have to worry about sweating too much since it will evaporate whatever moisture your body produces.
  • Invest in the basics. Workhorse fabrics are those that are developed to pull sweat and moisture away from your skin. You also need to consider the weather and temperature around you when you work out. If it’s warmer, choose fabrics and pieces that will let your skin breathe. If you’re working out somewhere cooler, you can dress warmly by using insulators, but wear sweat-evaporating clothes as an inner layer. Windbreakers are also a must if you’re running somewhere windy. If you have breasts, a perfect-fitting sports bra is necessary for kickboxing, weight-training, spin class, and other activities where you might engage in strenuous activity. Another basic is leggings or tights, which are always perfect for any physical activity without constricting you. Workout shirts are also one of the basics, but you have to make sure the fabric draws sweat away from your body. Some workout tees also feature mesh vents for increased breathability.
  • When it comes to workout shoes, make sure you determine your running gait before committing to a pair. This is because your shoes must be able to accommodate your manner of moving on foot.

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Work out at home

While you will certainly benefit from a fitness coach or working with a gym instructor, there is a world of resources on the internet that you don’t need to pay for. Instead of shelling out a fixed amount for gym fees every month, save your money and look up basic workout videos on YouTube or Google. All you need is a device, a working internet connection, and a willing body to start working out. If you find that’s not enough and you need human interaction, consider partnering with a friend who you know takes their fitness seriously and ask for their advice or coaching.

Don’t buy the most expensive equipment

You don’t need to immediately invest in a stationary bike or a treadmill once you decide to take your physical health more seriously. You can start with the essentials:

  • Yoga mat
  • Stability ball
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettle ball
  • Lightweights

Look up basic workout videos featuring this basic equipment and study how they’re used. As for your cardio, you can go on a jog outside! Not only is fresh air good for your lungs, but it will also do your mental health a world of favors.

Attend free group workouts in your community

If you live in a bustling city, chances are there are plenty of free group workouts happening all the time. Scour the internet for these events, from Facebook Events to Google. Don’t hesitate to sign up or message the organizers if you have some concerns. Attending these free community workouts is a great way to meet new people, blow off some steam with a friend, or get some post-work sweat. After a year of intermittent quarantines, working out in a group may be exactly what we need.

Being healthy need not break the bank. Having a limited budget is no excuse either to forgo your fitness. Be creative, ask for help, and enjoy yourself! Fitness can be both affordable and fun if only we set our minds and bodies to it. Good luck!

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