Top Hair Trends After the Lockdowns

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When the pandemic started last year, the authorities started imposing lockdowns that saw businesses closing to prevent the spread of the virus. Since their customers went online for their necessities, many stores started offering their products and services online.

But other businesses couldn’t offer their services online since they required the physical presence of their customers. So, these businesses closed and tried to wait out the pandemic. One of these businesses was barbershops and beauty salons.

Many people opted to buy a set of hairstylist tools while waiting for their favorite beauty salons to open. But after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines for these establishments, they opened their doors to their customers albeit in a limited capacity.

While many people still followed their previous hairstyles, the post-pandemic hairstyle trend is a mixture of different eras and styles that people may want to revive. Here are the upcoming trends in hairstyles in the coming year.

Revival of the 90s

Some hairstyling experts see a revival of the 90s as more women are opting for simpler hairstyles that they can work on at home in case another pandemic happens. The trauma of going through a year without visiting a salon may have played a role in the return of this hairstyle.

The hairstyle is simple and gives a feeling of nostalgia among people from Generation X. These look like slick single braids or smooth hair with flipped ends. These hairdos were worn by Brandy and Gwyneth Paltrow when they graced the red carpets in their heyday.

Undone Waves

Similar to the 90s hairstyle, the undone waves allow people to have a simple yet eye-catching hairstyle as the end of the pandemic is nearly within sight. This “woke up like this” hairstyle is an extra casual look that women can easily put together even if they have little to no help from anyone.

The hairstyle can be a standalone hairdo or women can use it as the foundation for an updo or a swept-up bun. It is a hairstyle that can only require a flat iron, so a curling wand will not be necessary.

Loose Ends

Having loose ends in a hairstyle is something that many women had to deal with when they went to a salon before the pandemic. But others use these loose ends as part of their hairstyle. Instead of getting too anxious about them, they let them out to give their hair a relaxed appearance reminiscent of 90s hairstyles.

Similar to the undone waves, loose ends can be standalone hairstyles or they can serve as the foundation of a more complicated hairdo. Women twist parts of their ponytails and pin them along the base while leaving any loose ends free.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are popular among many women who celebrated coming out of the lockdowns by visiting the nearest hair salon. This hairstyle requires little maintenance and women can work on them without much effort. Women can also easily make changes in their hairstyles with curtain bangs as their base. Maintaining it is also easy since it only requires a minute amount of shampoo to make them stand out if they look flat due to too much oil in the hair.



Another 90s hairstyle, the use of highlights makes the hair stand out due to the vibrant colors that streak the tresses of women. Worn by several celebrities, these highlights frame the faces of women wearing them. They also come out as bold statements from women who have not seen the interior of a hair salon for months after the pandemic started. The highlights contrast the natural hair color of the wearer and can range from vibrant red up to a jet-black highlight.

Classic French Hairstyles

Many industry watchers are looking out for classic French hairstyles like the French fringe in the coming year. These chic hairstyles will likely come out just before winter since there will be a lesser concern for sweaty foreheads that can make the hairstyle look out of place.

Women can modify the hairstyle to fit the texture of their hair, the shape of their faces, and the amount of maintenance it needs. This hair trend will likely stay until the start of the next year when the weather is still suitable for it. To prevent hair from standing out from the rest, the hairstylist can spray along the roots of the fringe before brushing the hair from left to right until it dries. High-powered dryers are ideal to make the hair look smoother.

The pandemic continues to affect the salon industry as hairstyle trends focus on easy to create and maintain hairdos.

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