Simple Hacks to Help You Find Steal Pieces When Shopping Online

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You may think that when shopping online, it’s easier to find clothes that suit your style. This isn’t entirely true, especially if you have an exacting taste. If you’re a vintage dresser, for example, you may find that it’s harder to score duds that look as presentable in person as they do in photos. And with the seemingly endless selections, it can get difficult to navigate your way through.

The truth is, shopping for fashionable pieces online is a lot like scouring the racks of your favorite women’s clothing boutique in real life. Here are some tips to help you nail online shopping:

1. Have a style or design in mind

You’ll find thousands of products online, and I mean it literally. If you’re online with the intention of buying yet you have no idea of what you want to buy, you might end up feeling overwhelmed by your options or worse, overshopping or buying far more items than you intended.

Paint a clear picture of the item or outfit you want to shop for. If you want, for example, a Burberry-inspired plaid skirt or a silk wrap dress, taking notes will help keep you from feeling lost in an overwhelming sea of choices.

2. Use filters to your advantage

For many online shoppers, the tendency is to ignore the various types of filters on the website. But these filters are actually there to make your life easier and taking advantage of them can be the key to making a successful and hassle-free purchase.

Narrow your search by setting a maximum price or refine your options by setting a color or style. Again, it pays to have a clear idea of what you want to purchase, so you don’t waste precious time and so you don’t end up settling and keeping clothes you only half-heartedly like.

3. Find sellers to love

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Much like in real life, the world of eCommerce is full of sellers with a lot of fresh, interesting pieces to offer. If your search leads you to an item that piques your interest, wander over to the seller’s store and check out their full catalog. Chances are, you’re likely to find more pieces on the same site that match your style sensibility.

We know we said it’s important to know what you’re looking to buy before even going online, but there are just days when you want new clothes but are not exactly sure of what. Finding and bookmarking sellers allows you to check their pages back and find an item that interests you.

When online shopping, the most important thing is to not be afraid to ask. Don’t be shy to message the store and inquire about the fit or feel of a garment or ask for additional photos before you make a decision. You can also ask about their return policy, in case you need to change or return the item. You may not get to see or feel the garment firsthand, but you can nitpick on the fabric and colors, so you know exactly what to expect.

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