How to Protect Your Sofa from Pets

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We all love our pets dearly, but sometimes, their energy can be way too much that they end up ruining the furniture. Most cats see the sofa as a huge scratch post, while dogs see it as a chew toy. This makes it hard for you to keep your furniture in its prime condition, which can be a bit difficult to accept, especially if your furniture is a tad bit expensive.

Here, we will make sure that your furniture stays in perfect condition by giving you these tips on how to protect your most recent sofa purchase.

1. Use a Sofa Cover

If you cannot prevent your pets from prancing on the sofa, then make sure to use a sofa cover or at least a blanket to cover it up. This can prevent your pets from laying on the sofa and most of all, prevent them from scratching or chewing on it. Also, if you do this, your sofa would be completely safe from muddy and dirty paw prints, fur, and even pee. Aside from what is mentioned, you will also be protecting your sofa from dirt, stains, and dust, making it last for a long time.

2. Get Them Their Own Bed

You do not have to get the most expensive dog or cat bed around, even a simple pillow or a small proper pet bed would suffice.

Make sure to place it somewhere your pet usually lays down, so they would realise that the bed is for them to lay on. You can also place their toys in there so they can smell their own scent and be more comfortable in their new bed. This way, both you and your pet will be comfortable in your own beds and couches. It is totally a win-win situation.

3. Buy Them Their Own Toys

Your cats and dogs might be feeling bored, and they have nothing or nowhere to put their energy into, which is why they might be pouring it all into your furniture. Make sure to buy them toys and scratch posts. It is also a good bonding moment for you and your pet when you play and interact with them, not to mention the workout that you could get.

4. Set Some Boundaries

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This one should be your last option if all else fails. If you have done everything mentioned above and yet your pet seems to be scratching or chewing on your sofa, then try setting some boundaries.

There are deterrent sprays you can buy from pet shops. This will keep your pet from sitting on or even coming near your couch, as they would hate the smell that it gives out. You can also try to place the couch somewhere your pet would not go.

When it comes to taking care of your furniture and your pet, patience and being smart is the key. Do not shout or hurt your beloved pet if they scratch or chew on your couch or other furniture, as they would not know why you are shouting at or hurting them.

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