Understanding the When, What and Who of Gifting Wines and Spirits

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Gifting wines and spirits can be a tricky business. With all the selections you have, it’s important you know some basics things when you give it to someone as a present at certain occasions. For this task, finding the right touch in everything is important to make everything special.

This is why to make every moment shine and figure out which drink would go along perfectly with the event you’re going to attend, here’s what you need to know.

The Right Time

With the number of gifts you can give, finding the best time to give it can be quite confusing. At certain events, you are often left to question whether it is appropriate to give liqueur or not. To straighten up any uncertainties surrounding this matter, these are the occasions when it’s best to gift liqueur.

Life’s Celebrations. Events such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion that calls for celebratory vibe is perfect to be gifted with liqueur. You may also add in the list the kind of celebrations that are tied to special dates like holidays and festivals.

Business Events. When you manage to seal a deal, or someone got promoted, or you simply want to bond with your boss, it’s also ideal to give liqueur during these occasions. If you notice, most of these business-related events also follow the festive or jovial vibe.

The Right Kind


For life’s celebrations, the ideal selection of liqueur to give are collector’s edition, sparkling and dessert wines. Prosecco gift sets in the UK are one of the most preferred wine gifts during these occasions. This is because the wine is known to have a vibrant, crisp and highly aromatic taste, which is perfect when you’re celebrating something.

As for business events, along with sparkling wines, it’s also good to give bourbon and scotch as these two drinks often signify strengthening the bond. In addition, it has stronger crispness which makes people let loose and socialise.

The Right People

It can be baffling to think of whom to gift liqueur to. The selection can intimidate you especially if you consider the ones that are suitable for ageing or are deemed to be collected. The question of who to gift it to can be confusing.

It’s not enough that you know when to give it, you also need to understand who you’re giving it to. This is to give more substance as to why you’ve chosen this gift. The very first thing you need to know is whether the person is into wines and spirits.

If yes, what type of liqueur do they particularly enjoy? Are they oenophile or someone enjoys hard liqueurs? These things will also matter once you shop for gifts as it can influence your decision as to which type are you going to pick?

Just like with any gift, there’s a proper time and occasion when you give liqueur to someone. In order to make your present meaningful, you need to know these things.

Simply because they enjoyed, you’ll go ahead and give it every chance you get. To ace your gifting game, be sure you keep these things in mind so that all your efforts will be much appreciated.

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